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City, seaside or mountains?

  • Seaside

    Seaside of Bizkaia

    From Muskiz to Ondarroa, there are lots of tourist attractions in coastal Bizkaia. You can visit lovely fishing villages, join in traditional celebrations by the sea or buy freshly caught seafood for a great meal…

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  • Mountains

    Hinterland of Bizkaia

    Bizkaia is not the same without the hinterland. The mountains, caves and rivers are part of local history. They have shaped the local culture and lifestyles, and they are closer than you think…

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  • City

    The effect Bilbao

    In the past few decades, Bilbao underwent a radical transformation, turning into one of the most innovative and cosmopolitan cities in Europe.

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Bilbao Bizkaia: much more than you think

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