10 outdoor plans

  1. Reaching the summit, conquering Bizkaia

Bilbao Bizkaia is irremediably green. We live surrounded by mountains that rise up to the sky, valleys and peaceful meadows, farmhouses with vegetable gardens and flocks, which offer us the most natural and autochthonous products. On your visit to Bilbao Bizkaia you cannot miss some of the unusual landscapes that can be seen in any of our Natural Parks. A water bottle and good hiking boots will be enough to enjoy a day in our Natural Cathedrals. Nearby you will find restaurants where you can taste traditional recipes and small shops where you can buy typical products (cheese, honey, Txakoli...) Don't forget your camera!

  1. An exciting sea

Bilbao Bizkaia cannot be understood without its blue and wild Cantabrian Sea and its green interior, with its untamed and wild nature. Our coastline, from Ondarroa to Muskiz, offers 150 kilometres, 28 beaches and endless possibilities: visits to the most picturesque fishing villages, tasting delicious food, walks along a crazy coastline and surprising places such as San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve or the flysch of the Astondo Dunes in Gorliz. Furthermore, there is no major town on the Cantabrian coast that does not have its own rowing club. In summer is the time of peak competition for rowing boats or trainerillas, and the harbours are full of fans dressed in their team's colours. The competition is lived with real passion and the party is guaranteed!

  1. Sport in dreamlike settings

Enjoying a destination while practising your favourite sport is priceless and at Bilbao Bizkaia we know that. During your visit you can improve your swing on any of the six golf courses spread throughout the territory, you can explore our beaches and valleys on horseback or even go paragliding. If you are a surfer or want to try your hand at surfing our waves, you are in luck. In Bilbao Bizkaia we have exposed beaches such as Bakio or Sopela and other more sheltered beaches such as Plentzia or Ereaga, perfect for beginners. The gold medal goes to Mundaka, with its powerful left, of international prestige. Bilbao Bizkaia is also the perfect destination for cycling enthusiasts.

  1. Disconnection in the middle of nature

For those of you who are looking to get away from the noise of the city and immerse yourself in nature, we suggest you spend the night in a rural accommodation in Bizkaia, in a campsite or bungalow or even in a caravan, to completely disconnect. As well as enjoying the peace of the place, you can get to know first-hand the day-to-day life of the baserritarras (farmers) of the area, enjoy a picnic or take part in unique activities such as becoming a shepherd for a day in Urkiola or discovering the underground world of Bizkaia, visiting the caves of Pozalagua in Armañón, or the cave of Santimamiñe in Kortezubi.

  1. A visit to wildlife

Bilbao Bizkaia is the perfect destination to enjoy nature and wildlife in all its splendour. For those of you who are looking to get up close to animals, we recommend a visit to the Urdaibai Bird Center where you can watch all the birds that fly over our skies. For lovers of marine life, we propose a special activity, whale, dolphin and other cetacean watching, in a peaceful and respectful manner, of course. With departures from different ports such as Santurtzi or Bermeo, you will be able to get to know the Bay of Biscay and its marine life from the hand of great experts and naturists. Once on land, we suggest you take your binoculars and go to refuges and centres that protect endangered wildlife, such as Basondo in Kortezubi or Karpin in Karrantza.

6. Open-air markets and fairs

With the arrival of the good weather, gastronomic events are very typical and almost all the towns and villages organise a market. One of the best known is the Medieval Market in Balmaseda, which is held at the beginning of May and is a very popular event. In fact, its inhabitants dress up in medieval garments as they did in the old days in the town. At the other end of Bizkaia, in Bermeo, another unmissable event is the Fish Fair held at the end of May. The aim of this festival is to raise awareness of the seafaring tradition and it marks the start of the festive period. For this reason, it is the first day of the year that people dress up in traditional blue mahon clothes (typical Basque seafaring costume) and Bermeo fills with the atmosphere with fanfares, euskal dantzak (Basque dances) and the sound of trikitixas (traditional Basque bagpipes) and bagpipes.

7. Fairytale castles

In Bilbao Bizkaia we are fortunate to have magical towers and castles scattered throughout the territory. Dream places that will allow you to enjoy the open air while you contemplate some of these fortresses. Near the Arena beach, in Muskiz, you can visit Muñatones Castle and, from there, contemplate the views of the Cantabrian Sea. In the heart of Urdaibai, near Gernika, you will have the opportunity to visit Arteaga Castle, a castle that maintains the original layout, charm and style of the 19th century. In Gatika, 20 minutes from Bilbao by car, you will find one of the most special castles, the Castle of Butrón. A fairytale castle in a dreamlike setting that is not to be missed. And inland, in Galdames, you have the chance to discover the Concejuelo Castle or Loizaga Tower, a medieval fortress that currently pays homage to classic vehicles.

8. In search of the perfect dish

It is likely that one of the reasons that have brought you to Bilbao Bizkaia is our renowned gastronomy. You cannot leave without enjoying a good "poteo". That is, going from bar to bar, tasting pintxos accompanied by "txikitos" of wine or "zuritos" of beer. We have included it in our list because poteo takes place in the streets, terraces and squares of each town. In Bilbao Bizkaia we believe that there is no better experience than getting to know a product in its place of origin. Every town and every corner has its own particularities and traditional dishes. If you want to treat yourself and try the menu of a Michelin-starred restaurant, you are also in the right place.

9. Between vineyards...

For visitors who want to go further and immerse themselves in our gastronomy, we recommend that you visit one of our wineries and discover our great ambassador, Txakoli. Although the Txakoli harvest begins in autumn, in spring the phenomenon known as "lloro" occurs, which determines the final result of the wine at the end of the year. For this reason, in some places such as Zalla, Urdaibai and Lezama, they celebrate the Txakoli Eguna (Txakoli Day) in spring. The wineries are located in the heart of nature and the professionals will explain the elaboration and the process with their contagious passion. In any of the wineries you can taste and buy this peculiar and exclusive wine, as well as enjoy some spectacular views.

10. Always in the right direction!

Because it's not all about eating! The Coastal or Northern Way, one of the oldest known routes, passes through Bilbao Bizkaia. There are four stages that go from Markina-Xemein to Kobaron. You will also get to know the Lea-Artibai and Busturialdea valleys. Comfortable shoes and good company will be more than enough to cover the greenest and most mountainous paths. Four stages that will leave you speechless! Undoubtedly, the perfect plan for any nature lover.

We are waiting for you!

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