The coast of Bizkaia, a feast for the eyes.

Barinatxe Beach

Barinatxe beach, also known as "La Salvaje", is one of the natural treasures of our coast. Located near Sopelana, this beach is surrounded by cliffs and is famous for its naturist atmosphere. It is a place where peace and nature meet to offer a unique experience.

Barinatxe is a large beach and stretches over about 800 metres. The golden sand and crystal clear waters are the perfect setting to enjoy a day at the beach with family or friends. In addition, surfers and other water sports enthusiasts can also enjoy the swell of the waves.

Azkorri Beach

This beach is located in the area of Getxo and nestled in the Uribe Kosta Natural Park, and is lined with a long stretch of dunes set in an incomparable scenic beauty.

What makes Azkorri beach special is its natural environment. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and the surrounding landscape is breathtaking. In addition, the extensive area of dunes makes the beach a protected natural area.

Despite all that, Azkorri beach is easily accessible. It has ample parking close to the beach and is easily accessible by car and public transport.

Laga and Laida beaches

The beaches of Laga and Laida are two of the most spectacular beaches on the coast of Bizkaia. Located close to Ibarrangelu, these beaches are surrounded by a privileged natural environment and are a perfect place to enjoy nature in its full splendour.

Both beaches have all the necessary services to spend a full day there: showers, toilets, beach bars and parking. There is also access to the beaches for people with reduced mobility.

Barrika Beach

Surrounded by cliffs and with a very natural atmosphere, this beach is perfect for surfers and bodyboarders. The conditions for surfing are perfect in these waters and the beach is a preferred haunt for surfers from all over the Basque Country.

Barrika beach is about 700 metres long and is a beach of golden sand and crystal-clear waters, ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea and the landscape.

Meñakoz Beach

With a length of 400 metres, this wild beach is one of the most popular and quietest in the area. Although it has very little sand and is really a stony beach, Meñakoz beach attracts lovers of naturism who like to relax and enjoy the sound of the sea and the sun.

It should be noted that there are no services on this beach, so it is advisable to bring everything you need for the day.

In short, Bizkaia is an essential destination for anybody looking for beaches in the heart of nature in an authentic and peaceful atmosphere. These beaches have an incomparable scenic beauty, surrounded by cliffs, dunes and forests.

If you are a nature lover and are looking for pure and wild beaches, don't hesitate to visit the beaches of Bizkaia. You won't regret it!