In the last years, this neighborhood has been through a lot of changes that have turned it into a young and hip neighborhood with a lot of trendy and unusual bars.

When in Marzana, you have to try some craft beers or a cocktail or two. There is a wide range of places that serve all kinds of food and drinks. 

Apart from its restaurants and bars, Marzana is famous for a bustling street-life. On several occasions throughout the year there are concerts, DJ parties or street musicians filling the evenings in Marzana. 

Art-lovers can also find something for themselves in Marzana. Close to the area with all the bars, there is the Marzana Art District, a gallery that aims to promote young emerging artists without forgetting the already established ones. The gallery is close to the BilbaoArte contemporary art centre.

It is a space that also offers a wide variety of workshops and courses. In Marzana Art District something is always happening

You should also keep in mind that the atmosphere is different depending on whether you visit during the day or at night. During the day it is a poteo area while at night it has a more street-party vibe with street musicians, DJs, street theatre…

How to get there

Even though getting to Marzana is very easy on foot, you can get there by public transportation, car or bicycle.

  • Train

    From Atxuri station, Marzana is 10 minutes away.

  • Metro underground

    Getting off at Casco Viejo station, in 15 minutes you will be at Marzana.

  • Bus

    Bilbobus 77, 75, 22, 56, 11 and 85 buses stop at Marzana Quay.


Where to eat

All over Marzana and surrounding streets there are plenty of bars and restaurants with a varied offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Where to sleep

Bilbao’s Casco Viejo has a wide range of places to stay suited for all budgets. You can choose from different hotels, hostels or inns.  

  • It is important to carry some cash on you as most establishments do not accept credit cards. It is a great idea to take your camera with you because the sunset offers breathtaking views of the Casco Viejo and Mercado de la Ribera. 

    • Location


  • If you have the chance to go there at lunchtime, have a meal at one of the restaurants in the area. After lunch, the crowd gathers at the Muelle de Marzana steps and in the evening it becomes a perfect place to have a few drinks.