The left wave has turned Mundaka and the whole Basque country into a favorite destination for all board enthusiasts. Mundaka welcomes all kinds of visitors and surfers with open arms, delicious food, breathtaking scenery and friendly people.

Ever since it was discovered in 1970s, this beach has become a favorite for surfers from all over the world. Autumn and wind conditions include strong winds and together with the incoming low tide create waves for the more experienced surfers. When the waters are calmer, less experienced surfers can enjoy the waves that are less than a meter high, but always minding the currents coming from the river. 

Mundaka’s beach holds different international competitions and has held nine ASP World Tour competitions and has welcomed legendary surfers like 11-time surf world champion Kelly Slater, 3-times world champion Andy Iron, Dane Reynolds (often appearing in surf movies and documentaries) and the local legend Aritz Aranburu, who classified first among the 4 Spanish surfers participating in the World Surf League 2015.

If you visit Mundaka to try its famous wave and it is reluctant to appear, do not despair. Because of its orientation, Mundaka wave breaks less often than the waves on the surrounding beaches, but good things come to those who wait, right? However, if you are impatient, even though it is not exactly the same, there is surfing on the other side of the river, at Laida beach, with long and soft waves.

But there is much more to Mundaka, than just surfing. One of the prettiest areas is Mundaka’s old port area, surrounded by colorful traditional Basque houses, small fishing boats and a lovely little sandy beach. It’s a great place to walk around, have a drink or a meal in some of its numerous bars and restaurants and a perfect place for the bravest to take a dive off its dikes. Casco Viejo (the Old Town) is the best place for poteo (bar crawl including drinks and snacks) with narrow cobble stone streets and dozens of bars to choose from.  A few kilometers away, you can make a day trip to the iconic San Juan de Gaztelugatxe sanctuary.

If you find yourself in Mundaka in mid-July, you are in luck, and you should not miss the Bay of Biscay Festival. sThe Festical takes places at Bermeo, a small fishing village located very close to Mundaka and it has become a go-to festival for national fans of indie, pop and rock music. It is a unique festival that combines music and culinary scene in an exceptional natural setting that attracts thousands of visitors each year to see artists like Rufus Wainwright, Caravan Palace, Fuel Fandango, Mon Laferte and Tarque, between other groups.

How To Get There

Mundaka is very well connected with the rest of the towns by bus and train. From central Bilbao, the best way to get to Mundaka is by taking the train to Bermeo in Bilbao at the station of Casco Viejo/Zazpikaleak and getting off at the Mundaka station. Have a look at the schedules


Where to eat

When the hunger strikes, the best place to have some pintxos are bars in front of Atalaya, a lookout with the best views of the Mundaka wave. 


Where to sleep

Although Mundaka is a small town, you can find different accommodation options like tourist apartments, camping sites and bungalows, different hotels and inns.

If you are traveling to the Mundaka Festival, a local travel agency offers tickets + accommodation package.  

  • If you have the intention of going by car, keep in mind that parking in the town center is quite complicated. Close to the Santa Catalina Hermitage, you can find more parking spaces even though it means a stroll to the town. 

    Bay of Biscay Festival
    Date: 2020 July 24, 25 and 26.
    Complete pass: 50€
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  • To be able to appreciate completely what Mundaka has to offer, we suggest paying attention to the weather forecast, as on rainy days you will not be able to fully enjoy it. And make sure to bring an extra jacket as the temperature usually feels colder by the sea.

    If you are a surfer, you will be glad to know that there are public showers at the Mundaka beach to wash off that salt after hitting the waves. However they are closed in wintertime.