In Bilbao Bizkaia we are eager for you to bring a little piece of the ‘Basque soul’, of our way of ‘being’ and ‘doing’ back to your home; we are eager for you to make a really unique purchase, something you will only find here. Therefore, we invite you to make the most of the tourist offer and get to know the most interesting and surprising shops.

Unique and exclusive purchases


The classics, with their own identity

In Bilbao Bizkaia we make sure that our souvenirs are special and represent our joyful and friendly spirit. From traditional costumes, handicrafts and typical ceramics, to creations made by contemporary designers. We also suggest that you to visit the Athletic Club Museum, one of the most iconic teams in the world, and get a special  souvenir with you. 

Lifelong shops

During your tour of Bilbao Bizkaia, you will discover genuine shops where you can buy traditional products such as espadrilles, baskets, wine boots or umbrellas. Shops that, with their essence, smell and colour, will bring you closer to the past and thus, to tradition. Shops that are the setting and home of those who will kindly welcome you and who, in many cases, carry in their surnames the tradition learned from the business.

Treats from our land

The success of our world-renowned and prestigious gastronomy lies behind the quality of our products. In Bilbao Bizkaia you will find a great variety of culinary treats: honey, sausages, chocolates, piperrak (chilli peppers) or fruits and vegetables. In addition, you will be able to enjoy and acquire products such as Idiazábal cheese and Carranzana sheep cheese. On the coast, the reference product is canned seafood, such as tuna or anchovies.

For the most exquisite palates

In a territory where gastronomy is a religion, a wide range of shops dedicated to gourmet products could not be missing. Superior quality foods, certified in origin, such as beef, lamb, white tuna, honey, farmhouse eggs, tomatoes and lettuce, beans, natural cider, olive oil and many more products, many of them with the Eusko Label quality seal, to be enjoyed with total guarantee! Do not forget our great ambassador, the Txakoli, and to visit the fairs and markets that are held throughout the year. 

Traditional cakes and pastries, an irresistible temptation

In Bilbao Bizkaia we have sweet tooth. We have cakes and sweets that you will not be able to find anywhere else such as carolinas, butter buns, Russian cakes or rice cakes, among many others. A real tribute to the palate!

Tales of our history

Our craftsmanship seeks to bring you to Bilbao Bizkaia a thousand times over, through products with their own character and roots that awaken curiosity and generate eternal bonds. Don't hesitate to visit places like DendAZ at Azkuna Zentroa or Espacio Aerre, in Deusto, in front of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and take away a little piece of Basque culture and tradition!

Art with a personal stamp

As soon as you arrive, you will see that Bilbao Bizkaia is open to the world and to the latest trends in architecture, decoration, accessories and design. Here, art and culture go beyond our museums and galleries, they  take our streets! A great example of this is the Art District in Bilbao, don't leave without getting to know it!

Alternative shopping and much more

Alternative and avant-garde markets are part of the atmosphere in Bilbao Bizkaia. On Sundays you should not miss markets like the Open Your Ganbara, in the old Artiach biscuit factory, in the Espacio Open; the second hand market that is organized in the Plaza Nueva or the flower market in El Arenal. Another of the most interesting markets is the one held on the first Saturday of every month at Calle Dos de Mayo (name of the street), at the neighbourhood of  Bilbao La Vieja.

Give yourself a treat and take a special souvenir of your visit! 

Shopping in Bilbao Bizkaia

  • Truly Unique Shoppingguide

    Bilbao Art District: map and agenda


    ●      Every day from 10:00 to 21:00

    ●      Located on Arriquíbar Plaza, 4, 48010 Bilbao

    ●      Online

    Espacio Aerre

    ●  From Monday to Friday:  10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00. Saturday 11:00 to 14:00. Open on special bank holidays

    ●      Located in Av. de las Universidades, 2, 48007 Bilbao

     Open Your Ganbara Market

    ●    Sundays from 11 to 15

    ●    Located in Ribera de Deusto Street, 70, 48014 Bilbao

    Market at Plaza Nueva

    ●     Sunday mornings

    ●     Located at Plaza Nueva, 48005 Bilbao

     Dos de Mayo flea market

    ●      First Saturday of the month

    ●      Located at Calle Dos de Mayo, 48003 Bilbao