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    Biscay, new festival destination

    Are you a fan of concerts and festivals? Then Biscay is a place for you! Discover which festival would suit you best

    Discover Biscay, new festival destination

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    Bilbao Art District and Marzana Quay

    What a better way to enjoy the streets of Bilbao than to combine art and poteo (bar crawling that includes drinks and snacks, usually pintxos)? Where? At Muelle de Marzana, of course

    Discover Bilbao Art District and Marzana Quay

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Bizkaia is a dynamic, ahead-of-the-curve travel destination, home to world-famous festivals like Bilbao BBK Live, Mundaka or BIME. Merrymaking and fun are guaranteed. Just take a look at our calendar of events to find when to come: Aste Nagusia (Bilbao’s Big Week) in August, St John’s Eve in June; the feast of St Thomas in December… Just make your pick.

If you are a surf lover, you will be amazed by Mundaka’s wave – a beach area welcoming campers and motorhomes. Urbanites can explore Bilbao and its street or craft markets, like the one on Dos de Mayo Street. Finally, Bilbao Art District, with its nerve centre at Muelle de Marzana, offers everything that art connoisseurs might need, as well as a bunch of establishments for bar-crawling.