Lifestyle has been changing in Biscay as well as the activities in its streets. A good example of that is San Francisco neighborhood in Bilbao.

Thanks to numerous bars and street markets, San Francisco (Bilbao La Vieja district) has become a neighborhood full of life lately. A street market called Dos de Mayo takes place on the first weekend of the month. The bars on Muelle de Marzana are also a great example of this neighborhood´s new life.  

Getting close to the heart of Bilbao, we come across the second-hand markets of Casco Viejo, the one on Plaza Nueva. Every Sunday numerous vendors and curious passersby gather to browse second hand books, vintage clothes and all kinds of different knick-knacks that are sold there. Plaza Nueva is also the most famous place in Bilbao for swapping stickers and trading cards. When the hunger strikes, getting lost in the streets of Casco Viejo, where there are hundreds of bars with a huge variety of pintxos (small finger food served in bars and taverns around the Basque Country), is the best option. 

Leaving Casco Viejo behind, we get to Plaza del Arenal where each Sunday we can enjoy a colorful flowers market offering flowers of all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and prices.  

Changing the scenery, we move to Plaza Moyua, where we can find a completely different and unique market. The Sunday Market takes place one weekend a month and always has a different theme. In the purest style of London markets it brings together a wide variety of stands with different brands, from clothes and food to flowers and designer gadgets. This market takes place at Edificio Moyua on Ercilla Street and even though the admission is sometimes €3, other times it is free. 

Second-hand markets

Another area that has been through an important improvement is Zorrozaurre, where we come across the ZAWP project. Here, apart from the traditional market you can find numerous modern terraces where you can stop for a drink and a snack. It also offers a great variety of workshops, exhibitions, events for children, concerts… 

In the same neighborhood we can visit the Open Your Ganbara market, taking place the last Sunday every month at the old cookie factory. All kinds of people gather here – from those selling their own fashion creations to those wishing to get rid of the clothes they no longer use.  

In front of Zorrozaurre is the Olabeaga neighborhood where we can make a stop at one of their numerous stylish and hip bars.

Further from this area, in Bolueta, we also find a market every Sunday morning where you can discover all kinds of products like food, clothes, shoes, decorative objects… 

Apart from all these street markets, there are other markets on certain dates in different towns of Biscay. One of the most famous ones is the Christmas Market taking place every year at Arriaga square organized by Gabonart and the Fair Trade market in Abando. 

How to get there

  • Getting to all of these markets and bars is very easy by Bilbobus and underground, the best option is to do it on foot while doing it by car can result quite complicated and expensive.  

    Another detail to bear in mind is to carry some cash on you as in most of the markets they don’t accept credit cards.  

    • Location


  • Even though the public transportation is a great option, going on foot or by bike around town gives you a great opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of the streets and the contrasts between different areas.

    Exploring the offer of pintxos in different bars is a great idea for lunch or dinner. It is the best way to explore Basque cuisine at affordable prices.