A seafaring tradition

The Port of Bilbao, the industrial hub with maritime links

The Port of Bilbao, located at the eastern end of the Gulf of Bizkaia, is part of the so-called European Atlantic Arc, forming the maritime gateway to Bilbao Bizkaia. This port giant has witnessed the region's industrial boom, facilitating the import and export of goods on both national and international scales.

The modernity of Bilbao contrasts with the deep-rooted tradition of its quays, where traditional vessels coexist with cargo ships and cruise ships.

Ondarroa and Lekeitio, fishing jewels on the Cantabrian Coast

Ondarroa and Lekeitio, two charming coastal towns, perpetuate the centuries-old fishing tradition that defines Bizkaia. Their picturesque harbours serve as the backdrop where local fishermen bring the bounties of the sea ashore, creating an authentic link between the ocean and the local cuisine.

Although the port of Lekeitio is not very large, it accommodates both small boats and fishing vessels of the village. It is even perfectly suitable for the game of geese that takes place on September 5 every year, a festival attracting more and more tourists seeking a unique holiday experience.

Ea and Elantxobe, unique treasures on the north coast

Ea and Elantxobe, little gems hidden on the north coast, offer a more intimate and peaceful experience. Their ports, surrounded by stunning landscapes, preserve the essence of marine life and traditional fishing.

Time appears to stand still as local fishermen repair their nets and visitors revel in the serene atmosphere.

The panoramic views of the Cantabrian Sea from the quay of Elantxobe, the vistas when looking up from the village and the numerous bars offering pinchos make the visit truly worthwhile.

Mundaka, a surfing mecca with a fisherman's touch

Mundaka, renowned for its legendary waves among surf lovers, is not only a paradise for surfers, but also a port with an important fishing heritage. The coexistence of these two activities gives Mundaka a unique identity, where tradition and modernity converge in the waters of the Bay of Biscay.

The small port of Mundaka, with quays exclusively on the south bank, now serves as a recreational marina and a major tourist attraction.

Bermeo, Armintza and Plentzia, the charm of the picturesque ports

Bermeo, Armintza and Plentzia lure visitors with their picturesque ports. Bermeo, the fishing village par excellence, stands witness to the bustling fishing activity and port life.

Armintza and Plentzia, although smaller, share the authenticity of their ports, where colourful boats and fishing nets bring their quays to life. Currently they are also used as a berthing point for numerous recreational boats owned by locals, offering ideal spaces for leisurely strolls and gastronomic delights from local establishments.

The ports of Bilbao Bizkaia narrate the story of a province that has prospered thanks to its close relationship with the sea. This seafaring tradition is still alive, demonstrating that, despite evolution and progress, Bilbao Bizkaia maintains a strong bond with its roots, honouring the legacy of its ancestors and building a future in harmony with the sea.