Exploring the underground wonders of Santimamiñe, Pozalagua and Baltzola.

Santimamiñe: a millenary place in a unique setting

In the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, the Santimamiñe Caves are an artistic testimony to the Stone Age. Entering this underground sanctuary is like stepping back in time, where the cave walls become a canvas narrating the story of our ancestors.

The cave paintings of Santimamiñe, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008, transport us to a world where hunting, local fauna and sacred rituals were masterfully captured in the rocks. The interaction between humanity and their environment comes to life in strokes of ochre and charcoal, leaving a legacy that has stood the test of millennia.

Pozalagua: a stalactite cathedral unique in the world

This geological wonder, located 52 km from Bilbao, within the Armañón Natural Park, in the Carranza Valley, is home to one of the largest concentrations of eccentric stalactites on the planet. As we enter the Pozalagua cave, we are immersed in a spectacle of speleothems that defy the laws of gravity. Its whimsical formations and colours ranging from white to golden hues create a surreal underground landscape.

The Pozalagua Cave is a cathedral of stalactites, where silence is interrupted only by the constant dripping of water that has sculpted these formations over centuries. Explorers immerse themselves in a magical environment, where nature becomes a sculptor, carving the stone drop by drop. The metallic walkway that runs through the cave guides visitors to savour each and every detail.

Baltzola: the labyrinth of underground mysteries

In the heart of Dima, in the Arratia valley, the Baltzola cave complex awaits us, an underground network that challenges the bounds of imagination. This intricate karst labyrinth reveals narrow passages and large caverns, creating an exciting underground journey. These caves have been created by the erosion of stone over thousands of years and are undoubtedly one of the most visited places in the area.

Baltzola not only offers impressive geological formations, such as columns and stalagmites, but also hides archaeological remains that shed light on the human presence in these caves since ancient times. The footsteps echoing in the chambers remind us that we are exploring a territory that has witnessed a long history and evolution.

Make your trip complete

Exploring the caves of Santimamiñe, Pozalagua and Baltzola is to immerse oneself in a journey through time that connects us with the roots of our history. These natural enclaves, beyond their astonishing beauty, are living testimonies of the relationship between humankind and nature over millennia.

Before venturing into these underground wonders, it is essential to respect conservation and preservation regulations. Guided by curiosity and respect, we can embark on a journey that transcends time, unveiling the secrets concealed in the depths of the caves of Bilbao Bizkaia.

It is advisable to use good footwear, a torch and warm clothing, as the temperature drops considerably inside the caves.