Immerse yourself in the maritime history and culture of Bilbao Bizkaia

Bermeo, the fishing treasure of Bizkaia

Bermeo is a fishing village full of history and charm. Its cobbled streets transport you back in time, while the port is still the heart of maritime life.

Here, you can watch the fishermen unload their daily catch and repair their nets. Don't miss the Fisherman's Museum and find out all about the area's fishing tradition.

Mundaka, the surfing paradise and maritime essence

Famous for being one of the best surfing spots in Europe, Mundaka is also a fishing village with a unique charm. Its narrow cobbled streets lead to the harbour, where fishing boats gently bob in the waters.

Stroll along the shore and watch the local fishermen prepare to go out to sea. Trying the fresh fish in one of the restaurants by the harbour is an absolute must.

The magic of Lekeitio and its authentic marine life

Lekeitio is a treasure with an authentic fishing culture. It is known for its natural beauty, rich history and vibrant seafaring life. This coastal destination seduces visitors with its authenticity and connection to the sea.

One of the most outstanding features of Lekeitio is the port, which has been fundamental to the life of the town over the centuries. The port of Lekeitio has witnessed fishing and commercial activity for centuries, and still retains its traditional charm.

Elantxobe, a fishing village perched at the bottom of a cliff

This small fishing village, built on a hill, offers breathtaking views of the Cantabrian Sea. Its white houses and narrow winding streets will captivate you.

The port of Elantxobe is a picturesque place where local fishermen set sail every day in search of their catch. Take a stroll along the harbour and enjoy fresh fish dishes in the local restaurants.

Santurtzi awaits you with its seafaring charm

Santurtzi is a coastal town with an important fishing tradition and an active port. Stroll along the promenade and watch the colourful fishing boats moored at the quay.

You can also enjoy a delicious meal in the port's restaurants, where the seafood-based dishes are true gastronomic gems.

Explore Ondarroa and let yourself be awed by the historical port

Ondarroa’s port, flanked by mountains, is full of activity, a place where fishermen unload their catch, and the restaurants and shops in the area are full of fresh seafood and fish.

Explore the old town with its narrow cobbled streets and traditional fishermen's houses.

Fishing villages such as Bermeo, Mundaka, Lekeitio, Elantxobe, Santurtzi and Ondarroa offer an authentic and fascinating experience of seafaring life. From colourful fishing boats to restaurants with fresh seafood, these destinations will immerse you in the region's fishing tradition.

So don't forget to try the exquisite fish and seafood dishes you'll find in the local restaurants for a true gastronomic experience.

Embark on a unique journey and discover the beauty and authenticity of these fishing villages in Bilbao Bizkaia!