An immersion in Basque nature and tradition.

Living in a baserri: The authenticity of rural life

Immerse yourself in the genuine essence of rural life by staying in a baserri, a traditional Basque farmhouse. These picturesque homes provide a truly immersive experience, surrounded by lush green fields and majestic mountains.

Staying in a baserri offers the chance to connect with local culture, experiencing first hand the warmth of Basque hospitality..

Taste the different traditional Basque flavours

Indulge in the exquisite and authentic Basque gastronomy of Bilbao Bizkaia. From the renowned Biscayan-style cod to the famed txakolí, a sophisticated white wine from the Basque hills. Local restaurants and taverns present a delightful array of dishes that have withstood the test of time.

Hiking in the middle of nature

Explore the diverse topography of Bilbao Bizkaia, featuring mountains, valleys, and the scenic Cantabrian Sea coast, offering a plethora of opportunities for hiking enthusiasts.

Wander through this picturesque region on foot to forge a deep connection with nature, uncover hidden treasures, and capture panoramic views that epitomize the essence of Bizkaia.

The hiking experience becomes a captivating journey through ever-changing landscapes and trails that tell stories of centuries past. If you love nature and outdoor activities, this place is made for you.

Discover each region of Bilbao Bizkaia and its treasures

CEach of the seven Biscayan regions boasts its own unique charms, with villages that encapsulate history and tradition, along with a wealth of natural tourist attractions. Ideal for agrotourism, these places enable direct contact with nature, allowing you to participate in economic activities such as milking cows, harvesting food, or making bread, cheese, honey, or jams.

You can also visit farms, go hiking and trekking, or take walks through lost or historic villages.

Go for green in Bilbao Bizkaia

Green tourism stands out for respecting nature, flora and fauna, ensuring environmental preservation, and in Bilbao Bizkaia it is all about that.

Familiarise yourself with outdoor sports while respecting the culture and traditions of each town, contributing to the advantages of rural tourism:

- Boosting the economy of rural areas and supporting their inhabitants.

- Rehabilitating natural spaces damaged by tourist influx.

- Facilitating relaxation and helping in escaping the stress of urban life.

- Helping to make a connection with genuine nature and getting a break from electronic distractions.

- Offering insights into quieter, more serene lifestyles.

In short, discover the authentic essence of rural tourism in Bilbao Bizkaia. Immerse yourself in baserri life, relish the richness of Basque gastronomy, and embark on thrilling hiking trails that unveil the natural treasures of this region. .

Each region provides a unique opportunity to explore history and tradition, and through green tourism, you can support the local economy, preserve nature, and enjoy a tranquil escape from urban life.

In Bilbao Bizkaia, your trip becomes an authentic connection with culture, tradition and natural beauty, all while contributing to the well-being of rural communities.

Come and discover a paradise of unique experiences!