BBK Klima Abentura, a meeting point and transformation towards a greener, more sustainable and just society.

Escape Room Mission, against climate change

The BBK Klima Abentura facilities are a true paradise for nature lovers and for anyone wanting to learn more about the importance of preserving our environment.

One of the most remarkable attractions is the Escape Room Mission, a unique experience that combines the thrill of solving riddles and enigmas to save the planet. Participants will be captivated by this challenging adventure, where they must use their ingenuity and teamwork to overcome obstacles and make sustainable decisions. This amazing experience is available from March until October.

Swimming pool and splash park, for all ages

Apart from the Escape Room Mission, BBK Klima Abentura has a wonderful swimming pool and splash park in its secret garden. This water adventure park offers a refreshing experience for the whole family.

Enjoy the slides, water jets and interactive play areas, all in a natural and environmentally friendly setting. The swimming pool and splash park are powered by renewable energy, and employ efficient water recycling and treatment systems. These facilities are only available during the month of August.

Bike the Urdaibai biosphere

To explore the natural beauty of Urdaibai, BBK Klima Abentura offers an exciting cycling tour through this biosphere. You can cycle the trails of this experimental park with its unique vegetation and scenery.

A great experience to enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna of this protected area. You can also rent Klimabizi's electric bicycles using the special app to take in this natural environment from March to October.

Discover zip-lining

The park has an exciting zip-line that offers daredevils a unique experience in the Urdaibai biosphere.

Zip down and enjoy the natural landscape while gliding through the air. Through this unique experience you can really appreciate the beauty of the area from a different perspective.

360º geodesic dome, an immersive environment with augmented reality

Another fascinating attraction at BBK Klima Abentura is the 360° geodesic dome. This immersive space transports visitors to different ecosystems of the world through immersive audiovisual projections.

The goal is to highlight the importance of protecting and preserving each of these valuable natural environments.

Get to know the insect hotel

The insect hotel is another clear example of BBK Klima Abentura's commitment to sustainability. This facility is designed to house, protect and learn about the life cycle of solitary bees and wasps in a unique and ideal environment for them.

This habitat provides a safe haven for these insect species, while it stresses the importance of biodiversity and raises awareness of the crucial role they play in ecosystems.

BBK Klima Abentura is an inspiring example of how entertainment and education can go hand in hand to promote environmental awareness.

Its focus on sustainable fun and interactive experiences make it an ideal place to enjoy with family or friends, while learning about the importance of protecting our planet.