One of the most breathtaking places is the balcony overlooking the Delika Canyon, a few metres from the Salto del Nervión Waterfall. Another viewpoint can be found next to the Urkiola Sanctuary; there a stations of the cross marks the path to the Three Crosses viewpoint with a unique panoramic view of the Atxarte river gorge and Durangaldea.

Salto del Nervión Waterfall

Perfect for a bird’s eye view of the Karrantza Valley, it's the viewpoint where you’ll find the monument to Our Lady of the Good Event, the patron saint and protector of the area. Setting the boundary of Bilbao and offering a beautiful panoramic view of the city is Artxanda.

Overlooking both sides of the Nervión River is Serantes, a defensively strategic location in the mining area close to Gallarta, where you’ll be able to gaze upon the lunar landscape of the Bodovalle mine, which ceased operations in 1993.


In Pozalagua, don’t miss the viewpoint in Armañón Natural Park. In Zalla the Ilso viewpoint awaits with a spectacular sunset.