Oma the painted forest

The forest, an original work by Agustín Ibarrola, had a total of 47 painted figures. With time and the natural processes of the forest, the work has needed to be relocated, recovering lost images like the Mosque of Córdoba, Homage to the Oak, Nuclear Threat and Bidimensional Diagonal.

The current 34 sets, over nearly 800 trees can be seen in Kortezubi, a small rural town in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve


Green trails at full speed

These routes come from the reconversion of train tracks in disuse. This recovery effort was a result not just of wishing to prepare trails for ecotourism, but also in the spirit of rescuing the cultural, historical and practical significance of these routes.

Bizkaia has a variety of green trails available to walkers and cyclists. The Montes de Hierro trail that connects Artzentales and Zierbena is 42.5 km long and passes through several valleys in the Enkarterri region. The Atxuri trail is 3.8 km long and connects Sondika and Mungia.

The 5 km Arrazola green trail runs along the Atxondo valley and is more suitable for walkers. The 2.2 km Itsaslur trail, between the villages of Pobeña and Kobaron (Muskiz), has maginificent coastal views.

The Kadagua trail between Balmaseda and Alonsotegi follows the old La Robla railway line for a sublime stroll along the river Kadagua (18 km). In Ortuella, a 3.7 km section of old La Orkonera mining railway has been recovered.