Natural Parks


A quintessentially Basque landscape: craggy, green and rocky, with the silhouette of Mount Anboto presiding over the scene from 1,330 m. Its caves hide legends that have become myths, notably Mari, the queen of all spirits, who lives inside the vertical wall of the mountain. 

The park is a series of rocky crags, valleys and cliffs, frequently visited by mountaineering and trekking aficionados.
This is where the Urkiola Sanctuary is located, a place of pilgrimage for those urgently seeking a partner.

All you have to do is walk around the stone three times.


This mountain range is the border with Cantabria and it belongs to the Enkarterri region, notably including the Armañón summit at 854 m. It includes  hillocks and peaks with a rural essence. The area has more than 200 caves and chasms, notably including the Pozalagua Cave (chosen as “Best Spot in Spain 2013” by the Repsol Guide), with the largest concentration of peculiar stalactites in the world.


Another great destination in the Basque Country is Gorbeia, where Bizkaia shares territory with the Araba - Álava province. The summit at 1,482 m is the highest in the region. The landscape is a combination of gentle pastures and beech and oak forests with steep rocks and numerous hollows.

The more than 12 km Mairulegorreta Cave and the Itzina karst, included in the Protected Itzina Biotope, are notable features.

  • Besaide is a truly special enclave with a combination of aspects making it an emblematic mountain: the three territories making up the Basque Autonomous Region meet on its summit. The monument to the lost mountaineer is also there and, just below the summit, you’ll find another memorial called the “Fountain of Life.” The views from this strategic peak are extraordinary.

    Naturally, it’s a must see for anyone who loves mountains.