Enter a world full of flavours.

The Bollo de Mantequilla, or the butter roll, a Bilbao classic

The Bollo de Mantequilla is a mythical pastry from Bilbao that has conquered the palates of locals and visitors for decades and is part of the city's gastronomic identity. It is a soft and fluffy bun, made with simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs and, of course, butter.

It can be found in different pastry shops and bakeries throughout the city, and every Bilbao man and woman has their favourite place to enjoy this pastry.

Pastel Vasco, the Basque cake, a dessert with a long tradition

The Pastel Vasco originated in the Basque-French region of Lapurdi, and over the years, it has evolved and become one of the most representative desserts of Basque cuisine. It is on the menu in practically every bakery and restaurant all over Bizkaia.

STypically flat and round-shaped, with a soft, crisp texture that varies in shades from light brown to golden. The top of the cake usually has a characteristic shine and can be decorated with different designs, the most common being the traditional Basque cross known as "Lauburu".

La Carolina, the most successful dessert

La Carolina is an emblematic dessert of Bilbao, present in all the city's pastry shops. This delicacy consists of a puff pastry base filled with pastry cream, covered with Italian meringue and decorated with egg yolk cream and chocolate.

The story goes that this cake was created by a Bilbao baker to surprise his daughter on her birthday: meringue, the girl's favourite sweet, mounted on a puff pastry base filled with pastry cream and coated with egg and chocolate.

Try the most typical confectionery on special dates:

- Tortas and rosquillas de San Blas, San Blas pastry and friedcake

Typically, on the feast day of San Blas, celebrated on 3 February in Bizkaia, people eat Tortas and Rosquillas de San Blas. The pastry and friedcake are made from flour, sugar, eggs and butter, with a touch of aniseed.

In Bizkaia, San Blas is also synonymous with two major celebrations: the fair held in Abadiño, with various agricultural and livestock events, and the popular pilgrimage held in Bilbao.

- Txirlora pastry of San José on Father's Day

Txirloras de San José are one of the most emblematic pastries of Bizkaia. This delicious dessert is mainly enjoyed on Father's Day, the feast of St. Joseph, and is a tribute to the patron saint of carpenters. Txirlora is the Basque word for wood shaving, and the pastry has this characteristic curled shape; it has a crunchy texture, and is coated in chocolate.

It is made with the following ingredients: butter, icing sugar, sifted flour, egg whites, vanilla essence, chocolate and raw almond granules.

Clearly, Bilbao Bizkaia is a land rich in history and culinary traditions, and these typical pastries are the epitome of that. Making them is an art that has been passed down from generation to generation and is an integral part of the culture and identity of Bizkaia.

Have a taste and savour the history and essence of this land full of tradition and flavour.