Route 4: Txakoli and rural life among the mountains

This route will take you exploring through a combination of spectacular natural landscapes and local culture.

In Gorbeialdea, you will find an ideal combination of natural beauty, history, and Basque culture. It’s a unique, authentic experience in the heart of Bizkaia. So-called due to the imposing Mount Gorbea, whose 1,481 metre-height makes it Euzkadi’s tallest peak, this area is home to incredible hiking routes. Discover enchanting villages, soak in local culture and traditions, and savour exquisite gastronomy paired with txakoli from small local vineyards in the Areatza region.

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Route 4: Txakoli and rural life among the mountains

This route will take you exploring through a combination of spectacular natural landscapes and local culture.

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Stages of the route

  • Stage 1 Larreder route in Areatza

    The day starts with a beautiful walk along the Larreder Route in Areatza. This low-difficulty itinerary is a 3.7 km circular route that will take you through the slopes of Mount Gorbeia as you discover vestiges of the past like dolmen, ice houses, or lime kilns. You will also have the opportunity to see some wetlands and enjoy the sweeping panoramic views of this natural environment.

    Curiosity: If you are coming to the area in autumn, visit one of the beech forests like the one in Otzarreta. It transforms into a real-life magic forest.

  • Stage 2 Areatza

    The route continues with a pleasant stroll through Areatza, a charming medieval town. Its stone streets and traditional architecture will transport you back to days gone by. You can admire its ancient buildings and soak up the history of this picturesque town. Its urban centre was declared a Cultural Asset categorised as a Monumental Complex, and is home to architectural heritage of particular interest.

  • Stage 3 Areatza’s Interpretation Centre

    When you reach the plaza, we also recommend you visit the Parketxe de Areatza, Gorbeia Natural Park Interpretation Centre corresponding to the Territory of Bizkaia. The three-storey space simulates the ascension towards the mythical Gorbea Cross, and offers different exhibitions on the Basque Country’s largest Natural Park.

    Here you can take a hands-on approach to learning about flora, fauna, and the natural assets of this impressive protected area, as well as the importance of preserving this valuable natural environment.

  • Stage 4 Garena restaurant

    In terms of lunch, we recommend a very special spot located in a baserri just 5 minutes from the centre of Areatza - in the Dima neighbourhood - with exceptional views of the valley, mountains, and surrounding vineyards: Restaurante Garena. A culinary experience where the most innovative cuisine comes together with 500-year old traditional recipes.

    This restaurant not only offers exquisite local and regional dishes, but is also a txakoli producer, which can be paired with your meal. Enjoy delicious eats among the vineyard landscapes that surround this special spot.

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  • Stage 5 Antzazti - Basque traditional house

    This last stop will take about 20 minutes by car to Antzasti Euskaldunon Etxea, a traditional Basque country house where you will discover traditional baserri life in contrast with the modern, urban home that has evolved alongside industrial development. Here, you can learn about local traditions and the importance of preserving Basque culture.

    The country house is home to a store and tasting area where you can shop local products and try out local wines, including txakoli of course.

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