Route 3: Nature, landscapes, and Txakoli

Do you love txakoli? Are you passionate about exploring natural spaces and admiring sweeping landscapes? Then this exciting route including the Nervión Waterfall is just for you.

This itinerary leads you through stunning landscapes and deep into the world of txakoli.

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Route 3: Nature, landscapes, and Txakoli

Do you love txakoli? Are you passionate about exploring natural spaces and admiring sweeping landscapes? Then this exciting route including the Nervión Waterfall is just for you.

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Stages of the route

  • Stage 1 Salto del Nervión Waterfall

    We start the day off visiting the Nervión Waterfall, one of the most spectacular natural treasures of the Arratia-Nervión region.

    The Nervión Waterfall is the Iberian Peninsula’s tallest, with a free fall of 222 metres. This is also the headwaters of Bilbao’s main artery, the Nervión river.

    It is rare to find water flowing over the waterfall outside specific times of the year. However, with or without water, the landscape will leave you breathless.

    The easiest access to reach the Nervión Waterfall is through the impressive Orduña Pass.

    The route starts from the Park Gateway, the last paved parking lot for Mount Santiago, where you can leave your vehicle. From there it’s only a 30-minute walk to reach the stunning Nervión Lookout.

    If you enjoy walking, we recommend following the 7km Circular Route that will take you through spectacular landscapes where you can enjoy the beautiful natural environment. Along this circular route, you will walk along well-marked paths surrounded by lush greenery. As you move forward, you will enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the valley.

  • Stage 2 Txakoli Maisu wine cellar

    After completing the route, return to Orduña to dive into the world of txakoli. This city is the gold standard for txakoli production, as it has been produced in this region since the Middle Ages.

    Make sure to stop in for a visit to Txakoli Maisu, an emblematic bodega located just outside Orduña in a truly inspiring location. Discover the secrets of txakoli production while you learn about the wine-making process in this family-run bodega, where you will have the opportunity to taste different varieties of this exquisite wine.

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  • Stage 3 Orduña - lunch

    Now it’s time to enjoy some delicious food at one of Orduña's local restaurants, where you can pair traditional dishes with excellent regional txakoli. Get swept up in the authentic flavours and local hospitality while you soak in the region’s rich culinary culture.
  • Stage 4 Orduña - promenade

    Then, what better way to digest your meal than with a stroll through Orduña. Surrounded by majestic mountains and the recognised historical monumental complex of the town’s Historic Centre, you will be delighted around each corner with its rich history and architectural heritage.

    If you would like to explore the history of Orduña, there are some interesting audio guides that you can download. More info:

    Curiosity: Here’s a curious fact that you may find surprising. Orduña is the only population centre classified as a city in Bizkaia.

  • Stage 5 Orozco

    If you’ve still got some time, we recommend you continue along the route in Orozko, a place known for its tradition of txakoli production and its famous txakoli lemonade tubs.

    Orozko is spread over a spectacular setting, with a dozen enchanting neighbourhoods spread across the valley. We recommend you visit the 16th-century Aranguren Tower, which is located between the Zubiaur and Ibarra neighbourhoods and stands as one of Orozko’s most emblematic buildings.

    Orozko has close historical ties to the ice industry. Since the 16th century and through the mid-20th century, the neveros or ice houses could be found in the hills surrounding the town, supplying ice to Bilbao and a large swath of Bizkaia to keep food cool and produce ice cream.

    If you visit the region during the San Antolín Patron Saint Festivities in early September, don’t miss the famous Txakoli Lemonade Competition to celebrate this unique drink.

    This traditional slushy is made with white txakoli, water, sugar, and lemon, and was quite popular throughout Bizkaia until the mid-20th century. It is produced in garrafas, which are traditional wooden ice buckets with a crank. This beverage is deeply-rooted in Orozko due to this town’s historical connection to ice production.


If you have already seen the Nervión Waterfall, or can spend some extra time in the area, we suggest a visit to the Itxina Biotope and the Atxulaur Eye Route. Deep in the Itxina wood, you will find the Supelegor Karistic Cave, which legends say served as refuge for witches and lamias.

If adrenaline is your thing, take flight by paragliding from the Nervión Waterfall.

In Orozco, we recommend a visit to the Ethnographic Museum:

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