Route 1: Bilbao and the golden age of txakoli

In this journey through Bilbao, we invite you to dive into the authentic essence of Bizkaia’s capital.

A town full of history, culture, and unique flavours. We invite you to explore its mores emblematic spots and discover the richness of its local gastronomy while you imagine the old vineyards that used to dot the estuary, and travel back in time to the golden age of past “chacolines”.

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Route 1: Bilbao and the golden age of txakoli

In this journey through Bilbao, we invite you to dive into the authentic essence of Bizkaia’s capital.

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Stages of the route

  • Stage 1 Ribera Market

    We begin our journey in the Ribera Market, the ideal place to find fresh, local products at what was Europe’s largest covered market until recently.

    Enjoy the unique experience of browsing its stalls, discovering a wide range of seasonal products fresh from the sea and country houses... Perhaps you may even grab a snack to go with your txakoli.

    If you get hungry, try some pintxos from the gastropubs found in the market. Save up some energy, because we’re going for a stroll.

  • Stage 2 River of Bilbao

    We continue our journey along the Bilbao Estuary.

    With the arrival of industrialisation, the estuary’s vineyards disappeared. However, we encourage you to use your imagination and envision them while enjoying this lovely stroll along the bank of the estuary on foot, or by tram.

    Along this route you will find the main attraction: the world-famous Guggenheim Museum. If you haven’t visited it yet, don’t miss your chance to enjoy its stunning architecture, as well as the contemporary art exhibitions you can discover inside.

    Curiosity: Did you know that, from the 14th to the 19th centuries, the banks of the Bilbao Estuary were dotted with vineyards and arbours?

  • Stage 3 Zubizuri bridge and Artxanda mountain's funicular

    Once you’ve taken countless photos at the Guggenheim Museum, it’s time to climb to new heights.

    We are crossing Zubizuri Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava on our way towards the funicular station that will take us to the top of Mount Artxanda. There we can enjoy one of Bilbao’s most breathtaking views, and relive txakoli history in town.

  • Stage 4 Artxanda Mountain

    At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, Mount Artxanda was a place for leisure and entertainment for the people of Bilbao, with a new emerging culture that sprouted up around the txakolies or chacolines. These are country houses with outdoor eating areas where txakoli was produced. Families and groups of friends would congregate under the shade of the vines to enjoy txakoli together with plates of cod, baby squid, baby eel, and other delicacies. The txakolies became quite popular places that created a pleasant, festive atmosphere.

    Many of them evolved to become well-known restaurants of the day that are still serving patrons. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a pleasant lunch at one of the many options.

  • Stage 5 Old Quarter

    After this journey into the past enjoying the location's sweeping views, head towards Bilbao's Old Town.

    If you enjoy walking, head down the beautiful, approximately 3-kilometre path on foot. If not, feel free to take the funicular back down.

  • Stage 6 Old Quarter - Nossi Bé ice-cream shop

    Once you reach the Old Town, don’t miss your chance to enjoy home-made txakoli ice cream at Heladería Nossi-Bé, which opened in 1975 in a building from 1911 that still maintains its original decoration.

    You can continue on with your afternoon discovering the neighbourhood’s hidden gems, or do some shopping in the Old Town, where you will find a wide variety of shops of all kinds. Here you can enjoy everything from fashion brands to old traditional stores selling unique and special artesian products.

  • Stage 7 Old Quarter- Sorginzulo

    If you're in the mood, stick around the Old Town for a pintxo dinner. You will find an endless array of spots to enjoy the traditional local cuisine paired with a lovely txakoli. You can even try atxakoli sangría at Sorginzulo.


If you’ve already been to the Guggenheim Museum, continue on to Itsasmuseum Bilbao, or enjoy an estuary cruise with Bilboats.

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