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  • Products signifying our IDENTITY

    You can fall in love with a makila, a traditionally decorated Basque walking stick, it might be a handsome kutxa, a beautifully carved wooden box, or a kaiku, a wooden bowl used to collect milk and make curd. Kaiku is also a type of Basque jacket. If you like musical instruments, you can choose the age-old alboka, or traditional txistu.

    There are also ceramics including mugs called katilus, pitchers and beautiful table linens embroidered with Basque designs, in addition to scarves, shoes and, of course, txapela berets. All of these things make great gifts.

  • You’re already becoming familiar with them. They’re products made with traditional know-how by expert artisans who know their craft perfectly. Be them food and drink or traditional utensils, they all showcase Basque identity. You’ll find them easily in speciality shops, so you can be sure to take the best memory of your trip home with you.