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  • Nature as a playing field

    High mountains, gentle hills and deep valleys in a truly rural setting give the inland regions of Bizkaia a nature appealing to anyone who knows how to enjoy a landscape full of contrasts where they can practice their favourite outdoor sport.

    One of the most notable regions in this regard is Durangaldea, which offers places such as the Atxondo Valley and Urkiola Natural Park.

    The Arratia and Orduña valleys are brimming with rural charm The latter is the only settlement in Bizkaia with the title of city.

    You can also enjoy short and long routes through Uribe, Urdaibai and Lea Artibai, the regions closest to the sea, or the GR-38 trail, the wine and fish route, so named because mule drivers walked its paths taking Rioja Alavesa wine north and bringing back brined fish from the ports of Bizkaia.

  • The west, for its part, showcases the marks of the mining industry with mountains that have been proving the quality of their iron deposits since ancient times. The Peñas Negras Environmental Information Centre gives information about the routes available in this peculiar area.

    The Enkarterri also offers a variety of routes through the Ordunte mountains and Armañón Natural Park.

  • On de the ground …

    Bizkaia has a notable amount of golf courses throughout the coast and inland that are open to non-members. They also offer lessons for kids and adults. They include Meaztegi Golf in Ortuella designed by Severiano Ballesteros, the Club Martiartu Golf School , and pitch and putt spots Urgoiti Golf Palace in Mungia and Dima Golf Center, on the Dima road; in Derio there is Celles Golf School.

  • ... Or in the sky

    A landscape as spectacular as that of Bizkaia deserves to be seen from above in a balloon. The Orduña Valley is incredible. There a cirque of vertical walls at over 800 m offers unparalleled views. You can also choose Urdaibai in the winter, going from Gernika-Lumo to the river estuary on the coast. There is also Gorbeia Natural Park...

    You can also go paragliding over the coastal cliffs of Sopela and Getxo. Inland destinations for the sport include Orduña and Arriola, Santa Marina. If you’re a beginner, there are a number of schools where you can get started in this sport.

  • Body and soul

    Termas de Molinar spa, in the Karrantza Valley, dates back to 1847, although it was totally renovated in 2003, maintaining the original 19th century architecture. It is surrounded by a remarkably beautiful landscape and lush vegetation.

    In the foothills of Gorbeia Natural Park, Areatza hotel and spa is the perfect place for anyone looking for an unexploited natural paradise. It offers the best treatments to unwind and its mineral, medicinal Waters are especially suitable for dermatological and rheumatic treatments.

    The Hotel Balneario Orduña Plaza occupies an 18th century building and is located in the centre of town. It has a gym, sauna, spa with massage services and a pool with underwater jets and mineral water

    También el territorio ofrece experiencias de baños de bosque o actividades para la desconexión de nuestras rutinas diarias, como la práctica de yoga en pleno entorno natural