You will be keen to EAT

  • You eat WHAT YOU GROW

    One of the secrets that makes worldrenowned Basque cuisine special is the way its ingredients are handled. Gardens as well as agriculture and livestock farms are small, allowing for exacting care.

    The proximity of the place of production to points of sale and consumption is another aspect fostering the resulting quality. Take this opportunity to select seasonal products and taste them in any of the restaurants in the area that are sure to offer stellar service.

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  • Home cooking turns haute

    The so-called “new cuisine” originates from traditional Basque cuisine, which has been enriched by chefs’ peculiar contributions of creativity and innovation, taking it to levels of high art.

    This is the case for a variety of restaurants throughout the province, many in rural areas, some recognised with Michelin stars. Their revolutionary cooking tirelessly seeks out new flavours, new ways to surprise and delight. They await.


    Whatever the season when you come to Bizkaia, you’re sure to find a culinary competition: cheese,stew, wine... These competitions simply reflect the know-how of home cooking in the region.

    Here participation is what truly counts. The idea above all is to share what was made and turn the matter into a social event or tasting of the ingredients on display. Check your calendar and choose the one that best adapts to your availability.

  • The Pintxos

    Perfectly paired

    The level of sophistication that has been reached by pintxos require them to be tried with the wine that best pairs with the food. The tradition of ‘going out for pintxos’ (‘ir de pintxos’) can be witnessed in any town in the province, and it cultivates both cuisine and friendship.

    There are pintxo routes in certain areas, each with their own style. Since you’re coming from elsewhere you’ll love immersing yourself in the experience and tasting some of these delicious miniature delights.