Route 5. Meatzaldea: Iron and Mountains

5.a. Larreineta Funicular and the Mining Town of La Arboleda

A truly unique recovered landscape that surprises everyone who visits It

The end of nearly all mining operations in the last two centuries has left the populations of the area with a particular personality and identity on display today in their traditions and customs. But there is something else that this past left behind: a truly unique recovered landscape that surprises everyone who visits It, including a piece like the Larreineta funicular, which is essential to be used and enjoyed.
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We recommend going by

If you’re coming from Bilbao without a private vehicle, the best thing to do is take Cercanías Renfe line C2 to Trapagarán.

Take the promenade from the station to N-634 and go up Avenida 1 de mayo until you reach the intersection with calle Axular, which ends at calle Jose Rufino Olaso.

That treet will take you to calle Funikular, where the funicular station to the town of Larreineta is located.

Once in Larreineta, walk to La Arboleda or take the electric shuttle bus.

Points of interest
  • Larreineta funicular

    Larreineta funicular

    The Larreineta Funicular railway was inaugurated in 1926 to connect the mining town of La Arboleda with San Salvador del Valle (now called Trapagaran).

  • Mining town of La Arboleda

    Mining town of La Arboleda

    Declared a monument in 2002, the mining town of La Arboleda is one of the most complete tangible remains of the intensive mining activity in this area. It ...

Good Idea

A Good Idea
Going up by funicular

This peculiar funicular railway is comparable to a motorised continuous cable ‘inclined plane’, like those used to transport iron.

Its historical value and design are remarkable and have made it a symbol of identity of the area’s mining past.

Peñas Negras Labyrinth

To round out the trip to both La Arboleda and the Basque Country Mining Museum, we invite you to head to Ekoetxea Meatzaldea.

It's an environmental information centre where you can learn the keys of the transformation of the environment due to human industrial activity from an environmental perspective.

It has two headquarters: the one in Gallarta, at the bottom of the Bodovalle Mine, and the one in Peñas Negras, close to the mining town of La Arboleda, where you’ll be able to embark on this route through a place that was drastically changed by human beings as a result of mining operations.

Local cuisine

La zona de Enkarterri goza de cualidades gastronómicas muy interesantes y propias.

Aunque luego hablaremos de “las putxeras” de los ferroviarios del tren de La Robla, en La Arboleda no debes perderte comer unas excelentes alubias con todos sus “sacramentos”.

Es afamada la quesería de Elsa, en el Barrio de La Arboleda, donde podrás adquirir de primera mano los quesos frescos de leche de vaca. De la zona son también los quesos de leche de oveja Karrantzana

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