Enjoy the sunny days of the season with the plans we propose you to escape the noise of the city: green areas for relaxing, fun village parties and delicious gastronomic events.

Long bright days, warm temperatures and, occasionally, rain. This is how springs are in Bizkaia. From 20th March to 21st June, once the cold winter days are gone, the sun already warms the streets and the thousand plans to take advantage of the hours of light begin to emerge: walks through parks and gardens, outdoor sports and gastronomic events, among others.

Undoubtedly, the green areas of Bilbao are the most popular in spring, as they offer the best options to escape the noise and traffic of the city. Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park, also known as Park of Ducks, is the largest park in the centre. There you can find long grass fields, walking trails, bicycle lanes, recreation areas for both young and elderly, basketball courts and terraces. Even so, what makes this park most special is the animal enclosure located in its center. In the great pond that characterizes it, different species of swans, ducks and fish can be found; and in the area surrounding them, turkeys, peacocks and squirrels, all of them with their own huts.

To continue through city center, the Albia Gardens also have great movement in Spring season. Next to the commercial area of Abando, and in front of the Palace of Justice, there are many people who spend their work resting time in them. Although not too big, it is full of beautiful flowers and trees, and offers incredible views of several emblematic buildings of the city such as the church of San Vicente, Sabin Etxea and Aznar building views. The last one is our own version of the newyorker flatiron building. Besides these, the whole area is surrounded by bars and restaurants full of tasty pintxos.

In addition, after passing some time in the gardens, it is very typical for the people of Bilbao to go down to the Nervión estuary promenade, located about few minutes away. From there, it is possible to follow two directions: one, towards the Olabeaga Quay, while enjoying the views of the Zubizuri, the Guggenheim Museum or the Carola Crane along the way; and the other, towards Marzana Quay, passing by the Town Hall, the Arenal, the Old Town (Casco Viejo) and the Ribera Market (Mercado de la Ribera), the largest indoor market in Europe. No matter what route you take, or if you go walking or riding a bike or on skates, none will disappoint you. You will find marvelous outdoor terraces when you arrive.

Additionally, joining the centre with the districts of Uribarri and Begoña, in the upper part of the Town Hall is the Etxebarria Park. This is the largest park in Bilbao and is where formerly was the most important industrial factory in the area. Therefore, currently still maintains a large brick fireplace in its center. For the people of Bilbao it is an emblematic park and during sunny days it is usually full. Almost every day, it is easy to find a multitude sunbathing on the grass, taking a walk with their dogs or simply enjoying the moment with friends. In the same way, it is an exceptional place for sports lovers: it has a skatepark, biking and roller skating circuits, gym equipment and large running areas. The famous Maiona football field is also there.

Gastronomic events

Beyond Bilbao, in the Biscayan villages there are also special activities for spring season. With the arrival of good weather, gastronomic events are usually typical, and almost every town has a market. Even so, and although each one has its own particularities, several are more remarkable and crowded.

The Medieval Market of Balmaseda is held in early May and is a very special celebration. With this fair, Balmaseda, the first town in Bilbao, celebrates its foundation. Thus, apart from the traditional local food market, there are theatres interpreted by the inhabitants to tell different historical moments of the village. In addition, there are also animals such as sheeps, horses or foals. You can not miss it!

At the other side of Bizkaia, another unmissable event is the Bermeo Fish Fair, which is held at the end of May. This is a festival that aims to raise awareness of the sailoring tradition and marks the beginning of the festive period. For this reason, it is the first day of the year that Basques wear the traditional blue cotton-like clothing (typical costume of Basque sailoring festivals) and in which Bermeo is full of party atmosphere with fanfarrias, euskal dantza (Basque dances) and the sound of typical musical instrument such as trikitixas and bagpipes.

On the other hand, although Txakoli grave harvest begins in autumn, in spring takes place the phenomenon known as "crying", which determines the final result of the wine at the end of the year. Therefore, some villages celebrate their Txakoli Eguna (Txakoli Day) in spring. Those celebrated in Zalla, Urdaibai and Lezama are worth attending.