Climbing mountains, diving deep into the sea or soaring in the sky, in Bizkaia fun is guaranteed. You can do eleven extreme sports, either on the coast or in the hinterland: surfing, canoeing, trekking, water skiing, hot-air ballooning… Get ready for great adventures!

In a natural paradise like Urdaibai, from March to September you can test your skills at archery, white water rafting or kayaking and canoeing at sea. For surfers, there are the beaches in Mundaka, Bakio and Sopela, which have the most fabulous heaving waves.

In the coastal town of Lekeitio, you can take canoeing or kayaking lessons. Maybe you would rather hike along the coastline. It is not that easy, though, since you will have to climb vertical walls or leap into the sea and swim. On the beautiful, extensive beach in Gorliz, you can try snorkelling or outdoor training, an alternative to your gym workout in a wonderful setting.

If you are travelling inland, you can try a wide range of sports like mountaineering, hiking or caving in Urkiola Nature Park. Although there are no ski resorts, many an adventurer go skiing in the area anyway.

Do you love animals? If so, come to Karrantza, in the westernmost tip of Bizkaia, especially if you are travelling with kids. Karpin Fauna is a wildlife recovery centre occupying 20 hectares. Animals belonging to more than 55 species have become residents of the facility. Plus, it offers spectacular views of the Karrantza Valley. Walk across the forest to travel back in time from the Jurassic period to the extinction of dinosaurs.

How To Get There

There is no better way to get to these places than driving a car, especially if you are planning to go to Karpinabentura. Urdaibai can be reached by public transport. Check timetables in advance.

  • Treno

    Karpin Fauna: In Abando Station, hop on the train to Zalla. You will arrive at your destination in two hours. In Zalla, get on the Bizkaibus line A-0652 and get off at El Callejo. The bus stop is a 30 minutes’ walk to Karpin Fauna.

  • Autobus

    Urdaibai: Take the Bizkaibus line A-3526 (Gernika-Ibarrangelu) and get off at the Laida campsite.

  • Automobile

    Karpin Fauna: From Bilbao, take the A-8, exit to Colindres-Burgos, and then take road N-629 to Karpinabentura. It will be a two hours’ drive. There is a free parking area with 350 spaces for cars and five for coaches. Urdaibai: To go to Ibarrangelu from Bilbao, take the N-637 and the BI-635, exit toward Amorebieta/Gernika. Continue on roads BI-2238 and BI-3234 until you reach the Garteiz neighbourhood in Ibarrangelu. Park your car just across the adventure activity centre.

  • Bizkaia is a heaven for adventure travellers. You will be able to engage in land, water and air sports, and if you are not a fan of extreme sport but want to have an amazing experience, just try hot-air ballooning over the Aiara Valley and Salto del Nervión. For more information on adventures in Bizkaia, visit the website of the Basque Association of Ative Tourism, Adventure Sports and Nature Companies, Aktiba.

    Aktiba Euskadi
    Phone number: +34 637 77 00 33

    Karpin Fauna 
    Barrio Biañez, 37. 48890 Karrantza Valley, Bizkaia.
    Phone number: 946 10 70 66
    Discover wildlife recovery centre.

    • Orario

      Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 4.00 pm.

      Karpin Fauna 

      Open daily from 1 July to 15 September, 11:00am to 7:00pm
      Christmas season
      Open daily, 11:00am to 5:00pm. Closed on 24, 25 and 31 December, 1 and 6 January
      Rest of the year
      Open on weekends and holidays
      16 September to 16 October, 11:00am to 7:00pm
      17 October to 31 March, 11:00am to 5:00pm
      1 April to 30 June, 11:00am to 7:00pm

      Group visits on appointment on weekdays until 3:00pm

    • Prezzo

      Karpin Fauna 

      Individual tickets
      Ages 2-3: Free admission
      Ages 4-14: €6
      Ages 15 and over: €10
      Seniors: €7

      Groups (+12 people)
      Ages 2-3: €3.5
      Ages 4-14: €4.5
      Ages 15 and over: €7
      Seniors: €5

    • Localizzazione

      Karrantza Valley (Las Encartaciones)

      Urdaibai (Busturialdea)

  • Adventure travel enthusiasts will find in Bizkaia venues with experienced instructors. Although this type of travel often involves some risk of injury, you can stay safe if you do as the instructors tell you. You can hire your gear on site. Take care and have fun!