Nature and natural parks

Explore your most natural side

At full speed or relaxed, let yourself be carried away by the mountains, valleys, forests, beaches and coast of Bilbao Bizkaia.

  • Flora and fauna

    Bizkaia is full of life! Embark on an exciting journey, go whale-watching, bird watching, or have a walk surrounded by oak and beech groves.

    From 18 €

  • Flysch of Bizkaia

    We are sure the Flysch of Bizkaia rings a bell, but do you really know about its history? Discover our coast and get an insight into culture.

    From 5 €

  • Urkiola

    Come and visit Goddess Mari at Anboto. Discover the woods, the peaks and caves where our myths were born.

    From 18 €

  • Valleys of Bizkaia

    Pack, come and unwind your mind! It's time to get to know the routes and tracks of the ancient and oldest towns of Bilbao Bizkaia.

    From 20 €

  • Gorbeia

    Gorbeia is one of those mountains with a deep meaning in Bizkaia. Come and try paragliding, speleology or try to climb in the greatest nature park of Bizkaia.

    From 120 €

  • Armañón

    Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of caving. Enjoy nature and discover the fauna in the greatest scenery for hiking.

    From 102 €

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