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    Learn about Basque people in Bizkaia’s museums

    Bizkaia’s museums hold collections where you can discover the history, the culture and the traditions of Basque people

    Discover Learn about Basque people in Bizkaia’s museums

  • Travel for all

    Proud of the way we are

    Customs and traditions, food, sports, dance, oral verse and a language of our own: All this makes the Basque people unique. Come and meet us!

    Discover Proud of the way we are

Inclusive tourism

The whole of Biscay, accessible to all

Get the most of your Biscay experience without any boundaries. Enjoy our awe-inspiring landscapes and exciting activities. If you are an urbanite, you may go for a stroll along Bilbao’s river estuary, where you must visit symbolic sites such as the Arriaga Theatre or Guggenheim Museum. There you will find guides at your complete disposal. If you love nature, accessibility is guaranteed in beaches like Plentzia, where you can also do water sports guided by our skilled instructors. Furthermore, we encourage you to go deep into Pozalagua cave, go all over our beautiful countryside by quad as well as become a shepherd for a day. You are more than welcome to enjoy all these, and much more, within reach.