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Have a glance at Biscay’s finest tourist attractions. They are going to blow your mind!

Guggenheim - Bilbao

Lying at anchor in the estuary of the river Nervión, the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum is the flagship of a new, cosmopolitan, avant-garde Bilbao. Discover

Puente Bizkaia

The Puente Bizkaia, also known as Puente Colgante, is the most famous bridge in Bizkaia and an impressive symbol of the Industrial Revolution. It was also named a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2006. Discover

Flysch Uribe Kosta

The rough sea has created a coastal landscape where impressive cliffs fringe the shoreline, like the Flysch of Uribe Kosta. Discover

Butrón castle

In Gatika, on a bend in the Butrón stream, stands an spectacular castle with the same name, located inside a botanical garden, with more than 500 species of trees. Discover


Gaztelugatxe is an impressive islet off the coast of Bermeo and one of the most magical places in Bizkaia. Discover


Urdaibai is a must for nature lovers coming to Bizkaia. It is a green treasure and a natural paradise, featuring fine-sand beaches, leafy wetlands and lots of amazing birds. Discover

Mundaka’s wave

The Left-Hand Wave (Ola Izquierda) of Mundaka is any surfer’s dream and attracts the boldest crowds. Blown by strong south or south-west winds, Mundaka’s wave can be up to 4m high and 400m long. Discover

Santa Catalina Lighthouse

Located in Lekeitio, in an extraordinary beautiful setting, it is the one and only lighthouse you can come inside in Euskadi. Discover

Fishing villages

The salty water of the Cantabrian sea caresses the cliffs and beaches of Bizkaia and enriches its fishing villages. Discover


Located at the hillside of Mount Oiz, Ziortza-Bolibar is full of our emblematic baserris (typical Basque country houses). His monastery hosts the National Museum and it is a strategic location of the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James). Discover


Gernika is a symbol of peace and freedom with its Casa de Juntas (Assembly Hall) and the nearby historic Tree of Gernika. In the Museo de la Paz (Peace Museum) you can find out about the tragic bombing of Gernika by the Condor Legion during Spanish Civil War. Discover

Durango eta Elorrio

Durango and Elorrio, in the foot of Anboto, have a rich and varied monumental heritage with examples such as Etxezezarreta Palace, now turned into the Museum of Art and History. Discover

Urkiola Nature Park

Urkiola Nature Park will leave you speechless with its astonishing rough mountains and valleys, the beautiful landscape and the magic of Basque mythology. Discover

Gorbeia Nature Park

Halfway between Bizkaia and Álava, Gorbeia Nature Park is the largest nature reserve in Euskadi. The summit is crowned by the legendary Gorbeia Cross. Discover

Saldropo wetlands

In addition to its stunning green landscapes, Gorbeia Natural Park will surprise you with the force of the water, such as the Uguna waterfall in Zeanuri or the beech forest of Otzarreta. Discover

Salto Nervion

The river Nervión, Bilbao’s main waterway, flows from a jaw-dropping waterfall near Orduña that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Discover

Mining Area

Iron forged our economy and promoted the Industrial Revolution. The iron and steel industry of Biscay found its raw material in the Triano Mountains of Meatzaldea. Discover

Old Bridge of Balmaseda

The village of Balmaseda has a remarkable medieval heritage, with its iconic Old Bridge over the Cadagua River as a proud witness of this period. Discover


The Pozalagua Cave has the highest number of eccentric stalactites per square metre in the world - a show of nature under the ground in Bizkaia. Discover