If you want to go exploring in a unique and authentic way, get ready for a trip you will remember forever!

Biscay coast, three worlds, one coastline

You will travel through the three universes that coexist on the coast of Bizkaia: industry, history and living nature.

- Route 1. The west coast

Starting in Pobeña and ending in Getxo, you will travel through different villages that marked the golden age of industry in Bizkaia, where the sea was witness to the early beginnings of iron production.

In this context, a gigantic iron bridge was built to unite two opposing and complementary worlds: the Bizkaia Bridge.

- Route 2. The central coast

From Getxo to Gernika, you will travel along the coastline along the cliffs that welcome a sea that is sometimes furious but always generous.

The golden sandy beaches and sunsets are the perfect backdrop for discovering the coast of Bizkaia in the most surprising way.

- Route 3. The east coast

Beginning the route in Gernika-Lumo and ending in Markina-Xemein, you will discover villages and outposts connected to the sea and its beautiful forests. Villages that stand out for their character, traditions and festivals.

Enkarterri, the western part of the lordship of Bizkaia

If you want to discover one of the most undiscovered areas of Bizkaia, don't miss the routes in the Enkarterri area. From your campervan, you can enjoy a magic combination of fertile valleys and nature.

- Route 4. The Kadagua Route

The route starts in Bilbao and ends in Balmaseda, where you will find villages with a long tradition, with echoes of the Middle Ages, where the clear waters of the river Kadagua will mark your way along a route full of history.

- Route 5: Route of the hidden valleys

From Bilbao to the Lanestosa area, you will come across beautiful countryside, caves, valleys and unique natural surroundings all over Bizkaia.

Inland Bizkaia, tradition among great mountains

If you are a mountain lover, this is the ideal place for you. You can marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the green forests and wander through the picturesque villages at the foot of the valleys.

- Route 6: The Nervión route

The route starts in Bilbao and ends in Orozko, near Álava, travelling through different villages surrounded by valleys, mountains, rivers, tradition and medieval history.

- Route 7: The Arratia Valley

From Igorre to the area of Dima, the giant Gorbeia mountain watches over the valleys and surrounding villages. An experiential, authentic and unique route.

- Route 8: Durangaldea

Starting in Bilbao and passing through Durango to Argiñeta, enjoy villages steeped in Basque mythology with a lot of history, surrounded by beech forests and beautiful mountains.

Around Bilbao

On a campervan tour of Bizkaia, enjoy Bilbao from a height, and take in the urban views from the towering mountains around the city.

- Route 9. A bird's eye view of the city

In Bilbao, from Artxanda or Kobetamendi, there is a unique combination of historic and modern buildings, surrounded by mountains and with the river as a witness to its history. An excellent option to admire the beauty of Bilbao from above.

In addition, Kobetamendi has a campervan area ideal for taking a break during your trip.

We hope that through these routes through Bizkaia you will have a unique and fantastic trip in your campervan. You won’t regret it!