The annual ‘Bilbao basque FEST’ is back this Easter with a lot of surprises, more than thirty venues across the city, and the presence of over 300 artists.

The cultural festival ‘Bilbao basque FEST’ is back in Bilbao this Easter. From 5 to 9 April, over thirty venues will host the activities organised for the eighth edition of the festival.

During the five days the ‘Bilbao basque FEST’ lasts, over 200 activities, most of them free, will be organised so that everyone can participate. A great number of artists will be there to show us their latest projects in the fields of music, cuisine, traditional sports, or filming

The ‘Bilbao basque FEST’ will feature the six standard categories–Gourmet, Kultura, Musika, Market, Zinema and Sport–that have consolidated the festival as an economic activity generator in the Biscayan capital. As it is customary, restaurants, bars, bakeries, and specialty shops will take part in the event, adding up to a total of 284 this year.

Don’t forget to have a look at the information and the full programme for the ‘Bilbao basque FEST’ and get ready to make the most of the Easter week in Bilbao.