Our terraces are, without a doubt, an essential stop to take into account during your visit

Between streets

In the heart of Bilbao

In the very heart of Bilbao, at the Old Quarter, you will find a great number of terraces to rest ad enjoy some pintxos, taste a glass of Txakoli, an authentic wine, or just savour a cup of coffee. Right after getting out of the metro, you will come across with Plaza Unamuno where you will find some terraces where the sun shines from the early morning to late evening. At Plaza Nueva, one of the oldest squares of the city, you will be able to visit some of the most typical bars in Bilbao. It is a place with great personality, a mandatory stop in your journey. Some other streets with great atmosphere and known for poteo (going from one bar to another tasting pintxos) are Santa María, El Perro or María Muñoz. 

Ribera Gastro Plaza

Next to the Church of San Antón, you will find Ribera Market, one of the largest covered markets in Europe and a landmark in Bizkaia. Despite having being inaugurated in 1929, it has managed to not only keep its authentic essence throughout history but also to become a place where you can enjoy a great variety of products, pintxos and dishes thanks to the Gastro Plaza, located in the second floor, with a big terrace and views to the river estuary and Bilbao La Vieja. Moreover, if you are moving around by tram, the stop ‘Ribera’ will just take you to the entrance of the market.

Muelle de Marzana

At the opposite bank of the River, you will Muelle de Marzana (Marzana dock) which will provide you with an amazing varied offer and provides us with a varied and cosmopolitan offer. The district of Bilbao La Vieja has undergone a series of renovations throughout its history until it became an ‘indie’ district. Considered by many as the ‘Soho’ of Bilbao, it offers a different atmosphere according to the time of day, but it is always stimulating. Poteo during the day, street music, DJs and theatricals at night, you can't miss it!

Ensanche, more vibrant than ever 

The districts of Abando and Indautxu are also a great option when it comes to enjoying an aperitif outdoors. The streets of Ledesma or Diputación, for instance, have many bars and restaurants with great terraces. In Indautxu, Licenciado Poza street, also known as 'Pozas', witnesses great atmosphere every evening, but especially on match days at La Catedral, San Mamés.

Sky is the limit

For those who love breathtaking views, Bilbao offers some rooftops with striking panoramic views. In the district of Indautxu, we recommend you to get to the top floor of Azkuna Zentroa and enjoy a secret place, the terrace of Yandiola. Very close, you will find  Le Club, a New York-style rooftop, located at the Ercilla Hotel. From June to September, you can also have a snack on the terrace of one of the classiest hotels, the Carlton Hotel, located in the heart of Plaza Moyua, from where you can stare and feel the daily life of the town.

With views to the River

Relaxation and nice views are always next to the estuary of the River. The rooftops of Gran Hotel Domine, the NYX Hotel and Vincci Hotel become one of the best places to have a drink on sunny days. Without losing sight of the Ría, once you have left behind Euskalduna Bilbao and the Itsasmuseum, the unique district of Olabeaga (opposite to Zorrotzaurre) offers different spaces, with terraces, such as El Cargadero, with has its own pier on the River. Hesperia Zubialde, located in front of San Mamés, offers three terraces, with different atmospheres, for different  tastes.

Gastronomy, cocktails, chilling among laughter and friends, resting with great views. We are waiting for you!

Terraces, a must on your journey

  • Many of the terraces in Bilbao are open all year round. However, some of them, the most exposed ones, are usually available from June to September.