Truly unique shopping, discover the experience.

BASQUE CORNER, with its own identity.

In Bilbao Bizkaia, culture and traditions combine to perfection with modernity in a unique and unbeatable mix. The “Shopping Concept” reflects the shopping experience that represents the Basque essence. From traditional costumes and crafts to contemporary designer creations where all the products have something in common: the representation of the identity and creativity of our land.

BASQUE EXPERIENCE, authentic flavours.

If you are seeking to submerge yourself in the local culture of Bilbao Bizkaia, an excellent way to do this is by visiting the traditional markets and agricultural and livestock fairs in the area. In these places you can find a wide variety of fresh and quality products directly from the source, but also try typical dishes from the area along with good local wine, such as Bizkaiko Txakolina.

BASQUE DESIGN, creativity with its own stamp.

When you look round Bilbao, you will see that it is a city open to the world, where new trends in architecture and design are a reflection of contemporary movements. The urban renewal the city has undergone in recent years, as well as its surroundings since the opening of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, has extended to all the commercial businesses and buildings which contain avant-garde decoration worthy of visiting and, of course, for shopping.

GENUINE SHOPS, that have always been here.

The shops that have continued the family tradition envelop you in a mix of aromas, colours and memories of the past transferred to the present, which make you feel the entire essence of the place. Preserve and traditional product shops, with histories that form the scenario in which the owners, with a unique warmth, welcome you.


Do you have a sweet tooth? No problem! We have a very wide range of unique sweet and desert options, traditional flavours and special touches that make them a very palatable experience. Carolinas, Pantxineta, Pastel Vasco and Torta de San Blas are some pastry dishes you must try. Choose your favourite!

GOURMET, for people with a fine palate.

If you are looking for an exquisite present or simply want to treat yourself, don’t miss the gourmet shops of Bilbao Bizkaia. These establishments are authentic places with top quality products, many of them prepared in the area in the traditional way. In these gourmet shops you can find preserves, such as anchovies or the longfin tuna, prepared on the Bizkaia Coast itself and that are an authentic delight for the palate. Furthermore, a great variety of cheeses such as Idiazabal cheese, and a selection of wines with a certificate of origin of the area, such as Txakoli from Bizkaia.

Ultimately, if you are seeking an exquisite present or simply want to treat yourself, don’t miss the gourmet shops of Bilbao Bizkaia.

MARKETS, for finding unique treasures.

Markets, flea markets in the open air, second-hand shops, antique shops and auctions. Ideal spaces for finding unique and surprising pieces that will amaze and charm you.

BIZKAIA ESKUTIK, Contemporary Basque design in good hands.

Contemporary crafts with their own character and roots is a unique and different way to know the culture and identity of Bizkaia.

The products are designed to arouse curiosity, attachment and emotions that transport you directly to this land just by seeing, touching or displaying an object.

Prepare yourself for enjoying a unique and unforgettable shopping experience in Bilbao Bizkaia!