Red Bull Cliff Diving 2019

The well-known diving competition celebrates once again its world finale in Bilbao. This edition will offer surprises, as for the first time there will be a women's competition.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving competition returns this year with many new elements: three new locations, an Olympic medalist in the permanent diving team, men's and women's competition in all the stops of the season and the return of Bilbao as the host of the final competition.

The Salve Bridge in Bilbao is the last stop before announcing the winner of the King Kahekili 2019 trophy. It will be the first time that the sports women showed their spectacular jumps to the Estuary, in front of the iconic Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Write this date: Saturday 14 September.

The name of the award, King Kahekili Trophy, is a tribute to the great Hawaiian leader who first jumped from the sacred cliffs of Kaunolu. This is where this impressive and elegant sport was born.

With only three seconds of free fall to perform esthetic and increasingly complex jumps, athletes must give their best to leave the public and jury with their mouths open. In such a short course of time, they are expected to be skillful and versatile when performing any of the 5 different types of jumps: front, back, inverted, in and face down. These jumps are performed from a height of 27 meters and the dives reach a depth of 5 meters.

Top of height in an exceptional place

According to the organization, “with a rising number of athletes performing manoeuvres with 5 somersaults or 5 twists, and the difficulty in the women's reaching new heights, diving poise will be combined with growing complexity when the athletes launch from a venue (Museo Guggenheim Bilbao) that is intrinsically interwoven with the modern state of art.”

After the great success of 2014 and the final of 2015, the Salve bridge in Bilbao is part of the Red Bull Cliff Diving for the fourth time. This time it will also decide and crown the champions. If you want to be able to see the final from the best location, we recommend you going a few hours in advance so that you can appreciate the whole show.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving 2019 World Series calendar started on 13 April in Philippines (El Nido, Palawan) with an unprecedented event and will pass over Dublin (Ireland), Polignano a Mare (Italy), San Miguel, Azores (Portugal), Beirut (Lebanon), Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) before coming to Bilbao on 14 September. Don't forget to take your camera with you to capture this spectacular event.

How to reach us

We recommend you travelling to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao by public transport. Taking the tram (Guggenheim stop) is always a good option for two reasons: on the one hand, the stop is in front of the main facade of the museum; on the other hand, from inside you can see the most touristic areas of the city. Alternatively, by metro, the nearest stop to the museum is Moyua (exit Ercilla Guggenheim).


Where to eat

Eating in Bilbao is a pleasure. You can choose between eating pintxos around the area or going to one of the many restaurants of the capital. There are all kinds of tastes and prices, from the most avant-garde ones with Michelin star, to the most traditional houses where you can try a good traditional menu of Basque gastronomy.

In Abandoibarra, the area close to the museum, we invite you to visit some of the restaurants near the estuary so that, while you enjoy tasting our renowned gastronomy, you can contemplate the buildings that have made Bilbao an international urban model.


Where to sleep

As a first-class tourist city, Bilbao is prepared to host the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to our capital throughout the year. You can find everything from economic pensions to the main hotel chains in the world. It is a city full of congresses, festivals and events such as the Red Bull Cliff Diving, so we recommend you making your reservation in advance.


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