Bilbao Bizkaia, a diverse and vibrant tourist destination.

A World of Possibilities at your fingertips with Reserva Bilbao Bizkaia

Reserva Bilbao Bizkaia is a booking portal and a gateway to a diverse range of activities and experiences. Whether you're travelling as a family, couple or group, you'll find something fascinating to do. From exploring the nature of the natural parks to immersing yourself in the history and culture of each village, this portal has it all.

- Nature at its best

Bilbao Bizkaia boasts a large number of stunning natural parks. With Reserva Bilbao Bizkaia, you can embark on outdoor adventures to explore the region’s natural beauty.

Hike or cycle through the scenic landscapes of Urkiola Natural Park or climb a peak in the Gorbea Natural Park.

- Culture and heritage

If you are passionate about culture and history, Bilbao Bizkaia is a haven of museums and historical treasures that will not disappoint you. With Reserva Bilbao Bizkaia, you can book guided tours of museums such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum to explore the world of contemporary art and classical masterpieces.

You can also lose yourself in the rich history of Bilbao's old town.

- Local flavours and traditions

Gastronomy is an important part of Basque culture, and Bilbao Bizkaia is no exception. You can book unique culinary experiences, such as tastings of txakoli de Bizkaia, a local white wine, or take part in craft workshops to learn about local traditions and the production of local products.

Bilbao Bizkaia Card: Your passport to adventure

When planning a trip to Bilbao Bizkaia, the question that often arises is how to get around and make the most of all the attractions and activities that this fascinating region has to offer.

The answer to this question is the Bilbao Bizkaia Card, a card that has become the best travel companion for exploring Bilbao and the whole of Bizkaia.

- Transport without limits

Enjoy the convenience of unlimited free access to most means of public transport, including trams, the metro, buses and more with the Bilbao Bizkaia Card.

- Exclusive guided tours

The Bilbao Bizkaia Card opens doors to exclusive guided tours, allowing you to explore the most iconic areas of Bilbao with expert insights.

- FastPass for museums and attractions

It also offers a FastPass so you can skip the queues at the city's main museums and attractions. With this card, you will make the most of your time exploring the art and history of Bilbao.

- Numerous discounts

In addition to all these advantages, the Bilbao Bizkaia Card gives you discounts in a wide variety of places and services throughout Bilbao Bizkaia.

Your destination for adventure and active tourism

Thanks to Reserva Bilbao Bizkaia and the Bilbao Bizkaia Card, Bilbao Bizkaia emerges as the ideal destination for adventure and active tourism for all tastes and ages.

Whether you're looking to explore nature, soak up the local culture or simply enjoy unforgettable moments with your family, this region has everything you need for an exceptional holiday. Don’t wait any longer and discover the wonders Bilbao Bizkaia has to offer!