Outside Bilbao there are other amazing places with a lot to offer where you can park your motorhome and enjoy yourself. Take advantage of the freedom your motorhome offers and go hopping from one town to the other to discover fascinating Basque traditions in an affordable fashion.

A visit to Getxo, a town situated some 20 km from Bilbao and famous for its beaches and cliffs, is a must. You should also visit Algorta and its Puerto Viejo (Old Port), a place frequented by the locals to enjoy the typical pintxos (small finger food served in bars and taverns around the Basque Country) with an ocean view. If you love surfing, you have to visit La Salvaje (The Wild) beach in Sopela. 

Another interesting place where you can park your motorhome is not far, in the bay of Gorliz and Plentzia where a beautiful natural bay set at the river mouth, lovely beaches and safe waters make it a favorite spot for people from all around Biscay. The beaches are located in the center of the town, have pretty promenades and there are plenty of recreational and green areas with tables, barbecues, benches and children’s playgrounds.

In Bilbao Bizkaia, it is possible to sleep near the most magical hermitage of the Bay of Biscay, near San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. In the coastal town of Bakio, you can park just a few metres from the longest beach in Bizkaia, enjoy its waves, its atmosphere and the spectacular sunset. Besides, you must visit the Txakolingunea, the Txakoli Museum, and discover the process and evolution of one of our best ambassadors.

In the Txorierri valley, just 20 minutes by metro from Bilbao, Zamudio combines the innovation of the Bizkaia Technology Park with a natural environment in which the traditions of the rural world are alive and a heritage in which the church of San Martín, the Torre Zamudio and the town hall stand out. As a result of the traditions of the agricultural environment, we produce cider and txakoli, which you can taste in many grills, wineries and restaurants. It is also a quiet area for hiking and cycling along tracks or routes that cover the whole of the Uribe region, and following the coastal Camino de Santiago.

If you wish to do some surfing and to get to know some traditional fishing towns, you should head to Bermeo and Mundaka. Mundaka is considered to have the best left-hand barrel wave in Europe and Bermeo is a perfect place to get to know the naval traditions of the Basque fishing villages. 

Another place you should not miss while traveling with your motorhome is the fishing town of Lekeitio, in the Lea-Artibai region. The beginning of September is the best time to visit, as you can enjoy San Antolines festivities. It is the well-known local festivity that includes the famed Day of the Geese (Antzar Eguna). How can you miss that?

Last but not least, Lanestosa and Elorrio also deserve a visit. The two towns have a great cultural heritage and are surrounded by lush green mountains offering breathtaking views. It is a great place for hiking and other mountain sports.

Take a drive with your motorhome from town to town to discover all the corners of Biscay at your own pace.  

How to get there

  • Have you decided yet what places to explore with your motorhome? Since the capacity of the parking areas for the motorhomes is limited, we suggest contacting the camping grounds before you leave and booking in advance whenever it is possible. 

    Check out the main camping sites in Biscay:

  • Motorhomes parking
    Maximum stay: 48h
    Maximum capacity: 24
    Address: Urgitxieta kalea, s/n, 48600
    Next to Urko Sports center. Sopela
    Website: www.sopelaudala.org

  • Arrien camping
    Address: Uresarantze Bidea, 15 Bis, 48630 Gorliz, Bizkaia
    Phone number: +34 946 77 17 11

  • Open all year long. Free from October to May

    No. of parking spaces: 40

    Address: Bentalde, 50. 48130 Bakio, Bizkaia

    Phone: 94 619 33 95

    Further information

  • Portuondo camping
    Address: Urdaibai – Biosfera Erreserba
    Portuondo, 48360 Mundaka, Bizkaia
    Phone number: +34 946 87 77 01

  • Motorhomes parking area
    Maximum stay: 48h
    Maximum capacity: 15
    Address: Avenida de Iñigo Artieta, 4, 48280 Lekeitio
    Phone number: +34 946 84 40 17

  • Maximum stay: 48h
    Maximum capacity: 80
    Address: Monte Kobeta, 31, 48002 Bilbao
    Phone numbers: +34 944 65 57 89 /
    +34 688 80 93 99
    Email address: kobetamendi@suspertu.net
    Website: www.bilbaoturismo.net

  • Maximum stay: 74h

    Maximum capacity: 15

    Address: Arteaga, 48170 Zamudio

    Phone number: 94 406 09 90

    Check out where to sleep

  • Maximum stay: 48h
    Maximum capacity: 10
    Address: Avenida Matxitxako, s/n, 48370 Bermeo
    Phone number: +34 946 17 91 54
    Website: www.bermeo.eus

  • Motorhome parking area
    Maximum capacity: 22
    Address: Calle Mirabueno, s/n, 48895 Lanestosa
    Phone numbers: +34 946 80 61 16 /
    +34 675 71 61 61
    Email address: lanestosaturismo@gmail.com
    Website: www.lanestosa.org

  • Motorhome service area
    Maximum stay: 72h
    Maximum capacity: 10
    Address: Calle San Jose, 10B, 48230 Elorrio
    Phone numbers: +34 946 82 01 64 (Tourism)
    +34 946 58 27 12 (Local Police Station)
    Website: www.visitelorrio.com