From Bilbao with pride

Although the festival fills the whole city with pride, most activities take part on the Ría, El Arenal and Bilbao La Vieja. In El Arenal they run free shows like those staged in the past featuring Kate Ryan, Barei, La Prohibida, Las Bistecs and Sandra Love, among others.

Bilbao Bizkaia Harro 2019 has everything it needs to be a memorable event. But there is something missing: you. The biggest events are Ur Parade and the concerts at El Arenal, but there is much more than that: open-air shows featuring big local and international bands, food tours, cultural meetings, talks and attractive activities for families with kids like Family Pride. The entire festival is aimed at campaigning for tolerance, equality and diversity.

Sports are an important part of the festival. Kirol Pride includes herri kirolak (Basque rural sports) competitions and marathons open to all kinds of runners. The celebrations are open to anyone who is passionate about equality and diversity. And remember, love always wins!

Party goes on in the evening at DJ sessions, where you will have the time of your life dancing and having fun. While Bilbao Bizkaia Pride is on, many establishments and private venues organise pride-themed events and parties grouped as off-Pride activities. Come to Bizkaia and five, feel and love the way you want.

How to get there

The Casco Viejo (Old Town) and the Arenal are centrally located and easily accessible by underground, train, tram or bus. If you are driving your car, leave it at the Arenal private car park, since finding a parking place in the Casco Viejo is always a hassle.
  • Train

    From Casco Viejo Station, Euskotren has connections with line E3 (Lezama-Kukullaga), line E1 (Bilbao-San Sebastián) and line E4 (Bilbao-Bermeo), with trains to towns in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, including Donostia-San Sebastián.

  • Metro underground

    Metro Bilbao is a truly rapid transit system. Get off at Casco Viejo Station and exit at San Nicolás or Unamuno squares.

  • Tram

    The Arriaga stop is across the Arriaga Theatre square, at the entrance to the Casco Viejo and across the Arenal. To join the Ur Parade, get off at one of the Abandoibarra stops: Guggenheim, Uribitarte or Pío Baroja.

  • Bus

    Bilbobus, the bus transit system that operates in Bilbao, has several lines that stop at the Arenal: 03, 11, 22, 28, 30, 40, 56, 58, 62, 71, 72, 75, 77 and 85.

  • Car

    On the A-8 from Santander, take exit 116A until you reach the roundabout. Continue on the road to Larreagaburu. Take Avenida Miraflores all the way down to the Arriaga Theatre square. If you are coming from France, take exit 115B instead and follow the same directions as above.


Where to eat

Most Bilbao Bizkaia Harro activities take place in the Arenal, in the very heart of town, right at the entrance to the Casco Viejo. Calle Somera, Plaza Nueva and Plaza Unamuno are lined with pintxo bars. In the Old Town, take a walk at El Triángulo, at the corner of Barrenkale Barrena and Calle de la Torre, or at the end of Calle Barrenkale, where you will find LGBT+ bars with a friendly ambience.


Where to sleep

The Casco Viejo is a top tourist attraction in the oldest part of town. In the adjoining streets there are hostels and boarding houses. The neighbourhood is crowded and lively day and night, so if you are looking for a quiet environment, book a room away from the Old Town. Bilbao Bizkaia Pride draws lots of visitors, so book your hotel in advance.