Bizkaia on the big and small screen

Nervion River

Window to the Sea (Una ventana al mar)

The film starring Emma Suárez begins in a house with large windows offering views of the Vizcaya Bridge, also known as the “Hanging Bridge”. Built in 1893, it connects the two banks of the estuary of the Nervión River. This bridge was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007. In "Crime Wave", the actress Maribel Verdú meets her blackmailer (Miguel Bernardeau) on the nacelle of the bridge.

Crime Wave 

Mythology and drama in Urdaibai

Game of Thrones

The isthmus of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, located between Bermeo and Bakio, is transformed in this series into "Dragonstone", Daenerys Targaryen’s castle. This iconic natural setting was used to film images of the seventh season of this successful series. Several scenes featuring the main characters of the series were filmed on its 241 steps.

Once you are inside the chapel honouring John the Baptist, don’t forget to ring the bell three times to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. To visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in the summer or on public holidays, and feel like one of the characters from Game of Thrones, you will have to book a free ticket in advance, which you can get here.

Game of Thrones 

Presumed Guilty

Throughout the 13 episodes of this thriller series starring Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Itziar Atienza, we can see many of the bars and restaurants in the fishing town of Bermeo. Ercilla Tower in the old town of Bermeo has been declared a national monument.

Presumed Guilty 


Much of this film takes place in Mundaka. This coastal town has a beautiful old town, but that is not its main tourist attraction. Its left wave attracts thousands of surfers every year, and no wonder, as it is considered one of the best waves in Europe.

The drama in this film revolves around Amaia (Laia Costa), a first-time mother who decides to go back and live with her parents.

Coven (Akelarre)

"Coven" tells the story of some Basque women who were put on trial for witchcraft in 1609. One of the most beautiful scenes was filmed on Laga beach. We can see the young women running across its sands. Another film in which you can see this beach is "Intimacy". One of the elements that makes Laga unique is the imposing cape of Ogoño, at 279 metres tall.


This film, nominated for many awards such as the Goya and Gaudi awards, tells the story of the romance between Teresa (Maria Valverde) and Henri (James D’Arcy) against the backdrop of the tragic bombing by the Nazis. This film, directed by Koldo Serra, was also shot in the Atxondo valley. This area is known as “Little Switzerland” thanks to its fascinating landscapes.

Old memories in the landscapes of Durangaldea

The Tree of Blood (El árbol de la sangre)

Directed by San Sebastian-born director Julio Medem, this was filmed in various points around Durangaldea. This film, starring Úrsula Corberó, tells the story of a couple who move to a Basque farmhouse to discover their roots. The film begins in Abadiño, where the tree that gives the film its name can be seen. In this region, the green of its mountains combines with the blue of the Ibaizabal and Urkiola rivers.

The Tree of Blood 

When You No Longer Love Me

The plot of this Spanish-Argentine production is largely set in Urkiola Natural Park. In this film by Miki Esparbé, Laura (Flor Torrente) and her stepfather Fredo (Eduardo Blanco) return to Euskadi after learning that her father has been found buried in a forest.