BIME Bizkaia International Music Experience

In Bizkaia, at the end of October, you can enjoy the sixth edition of the BIME, Bizkaia International Music Experience, an autumn music festival in its own right and one of Europe’s best festivals. This event for music lovers and industry professionals is split into BIME Live, BIME Pro and BIME City.

BIME Live. For two nights of the year, the different stages located in the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) in Barakaldo host concerts featuring the best national and international bands.Franz Ferdinand, The Prodigy, Imagine Dragons, Crystal Fighters or Belako are some of the bands that have already been on BIME Live stages. First confirmations to this edition are to be announced. For the moment, save the date: Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd November.

BIME Pro. This is the first European festival aimed at the music and digital industries. This convention is set to fill the rooms of the BEC for two days (30th October - 1st November), with all kinds of activities: talks, round tables, debates, speed meetings, presentations and training sessions for professionals and music lovers, and music industry experts are scheduled to attend. We are referring to music producers and promoters, groups and institutions as well as a wide range of companies from the communication, marketing, technology and fashion sectors.

BIME City. Between 30th and 31st October, music will take over the most iconic streets and venues of Bilbao in order to introduce us to the future stars of the national and international music scene. The most representative venues of the city, such as Kafe Antzokia, Azkena, Stage Live, Bilborock, Shake, La Ribera, El Balcón de la Lola and Hika Ateneo will host more than 40 performances with songs that will be heard at the big festivals. Furthermore, admission is free while seating is available. Are you going to be able to resist going?


Since admission to the BIME City concerts is free while seating is available, we recommend that you arrive at the venues with time to spare in order to take your seat and enjoy the concerts. Bear in mind that these concerts are held at well-known venues in the city. Do not miss out.

How to reach us

If you are arriving by plane, in order to get to the BIME Pro and the BIME Live, you can take line A3247 of the Bizkaibus (15’) at Loiu Airport and get off in the Plaza Moyúa, in the centre of Bilbao. In the same square, you have to take line 2 of the underground to Ansio station (15’), the stop for the BEC.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of going to the BIME City, you should be aware that the concerts are going to be held at several venues in Bilbao. Travelling by underground (L1 and L2) you will reach them easily. To get to Kafe Antzokia, Azkena, Stage Live and Shake you have to get off at Abando. On the other hand, to get to La Ribera, Bilborock and Hika Ateneo you should use Casco Viejo station.


Where to eat

Bizkaia is a first-rate gourmet destination. Furthermore, Bilbao is a very cosmopolitan city which features highly traditional Basque restaurants alongside those specialising in the latest trends in urban cuisine and slow food, offering both local and international creations. You will find all kinds of dishes, depending on your tastes. Basque, fusion, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian... That said, if you want to make the most of the experience, we recommend that you take a stroll through the streets of the Casco Viejo and the Ensanche before each concert. The pintxos will entice you into the bars. If you give in to temptation, you will not regret it.


Where to sleep

The BEC (Barakaldo) is just 10 kilometres from Bilbao. If you are thinking of coming to the BIME Pro or the BIME Live you can choose between hotels and guesthouses in Barakaldo itself or accommodation in Bilbao which is well connected via the underground and Bizkaibus. In fact, on these days, there will be a special underground service throughout the night. 

If you decide to look for accommodation in Bilbao, you have a wide variety of places to stay: hotels ranging from 1 to 5 stars, guesthouses, hostels, apartments to rent... in the city centre or in the outskirts, with options to suit all tastes.


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