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Itziar Ituño and Luka Peros, Lisbon and Marseille respectively in the hugely successful series "Money Heist", are great professionals and friends in real life. Itziar has invited Luka to discover the most surprising side of Bizkaia. Follow their journey at @visitbiscay.

From actor to Basque pelota player (pelotari)

Tall, strong, and with good arms and hands, Luka Peros has everything he needs to become a real pelotari, even if he doesn’t know it yet. His great friend Itziar Ituño, a real connoisseur of one of the greatest Basque sporting spectacles, will put that right. The chosen venue for this is the Universidad de Markina (University of Markina). Will Luka Peros give up being an actor and turn into a pelotari?

The town with the shortest name

Two vowels. This is all that is involved in the shortest name of all Bizkaia towns, which is also one of the most beautiful to visit. On a cold, wet day, so typical of our region, Itziar is showing Luka what makes this little town so special. Will the people of Ea be able to charm Luka Peros despite the rain? 

Good cooking brings good friends together

Any excuse is a good excuse to eat at a restaurant, and if you don’t have any excuses, you can always make one up. As a result of losing a bet, Luka Peros has invited Itziar Ituño to dinner at a Basque farmhouse to taste the typical dishes from this area, but first he must overcome a challenge set by Itziar...

An unbeatable experience in the Casco Viejo (Old Town) of Bilbao

The best way to discover Bilbao’s Old Town is to get lost in its streets and just go with the flow. Without any real plans, Luka leaves home with the idea of going for a walk through the Siete Calles (Seven Streets) and discovering the old part of Bilbao. The deeper you go into the Old Town, the more surprised you are by its vitality, beauty, culture and, of course, its people.

Emotion and history in the Campo del Athletic (Athletic Stadium)

In addition to being a great work of architecture, the Campo de San Mamés contains a jewel for all fans of good football. This is the Museo del Athletic (Athletic Museum), a place where history and emotions come to life. Like the good football fan he is, Luka Peros could not miss the opportunity to learn more about this team. What he doesn’t know is that Athletic has a surprise in store for him...

The most beautiful way to visit the Urdaibai coast

Coming to Bizkaia and not visiting Urdaibai would be a sin. Luka Peros knows this very well, which is why he has decided to discover the Reserva de la Biosfera (Biosphere Reserve) in the best possible way: by boat. Without being afraid of the waves in the sea around Bizkaia, Luka gets on a boat and sails into the Urdaibai estuary and towards the sea.


Alida Gotta has shown in MasterChef Italia that she knows a thing or two about cooking. But what will happen when she comes up against one of the most famous cuisines in the world? Follow us and find out.

Cooking with a Michelin star

The finalist of Masterchef Italia is in Bizkaia? That’s right! Alida Gotta doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to find out more about our cooking during her visit to our region. And she does this, of course, in one of the twelve Michelin-starred restaurants in Bizkaia. There, she prepares a dish that is very much ours but with a modern touch, using ingredients from our land.

The first Monday in October in Gernika

Good cooking means the best ingredients – as Alida well knows – and what better place to buy them than Gernika market. Alida is going to one of the most important fairs in our region “Primer Lunes de Gernika”, the first Monday in Gernika. What will she discover there?

In search of the best sunset on our coast

An amazing sunset leaves Alida Gotta speechless. After a hectic day in Bizkaia, the last rays of light turn the Barrika cliffs golden. An impressive sight where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun and the roar of the waves.

When you txotx (pour cider in the traditional way) you just can't stop

Excited by the great variety on offer in our gastronomy, Alida is encouraged to try a new experience in a sagardotegi (cider house). It will not be an easy task as it involves her having to master an essential technique: the txotx. How many tries will it take for her to pour cider like a pro?

A small fishing village in Algorta

The further into the Puerto Viejo (Old Port) in Algorta you go, the more you fall in love with it. This is what happens to Alida when she starts walking through its narrow and colourful streets, finding picture-perfect corners and tasting the best pintxos (snacks) to be found there. What makes this small fishing village a magical place?

Bizkaia’s best ambassador is a wine

No lover of good wine can miss the opportunity to discover one of our best ambassadors: txakoli. Alida goes to several wineries to learn what makes this wine so special. Will txakoli find itself a new fan?


As the good #NatureLover that she is, Anne Marie could not miss the opportunity to see the most beautiful scenery in Bilbao Bizkaia. What about our land will most attract the attention of this person who so loves mountains?

Mythological walk through Gorbeia

Anne Marie is passionate about mountains and wants to discover one of the most emblematic mountains in our region: Gorbeia. However, she doesn’t do this by climbing the Cruz del Gorbeia, but instead walks through the Itxina massif. This is a magical place with leafy forests, fields, chasms and caves where Mari, goddess of Basque mythology, lives...

Climb the most iconic mountain in Bilbao

Despite Bilbao being known for its industrial past, the capital of Bizkaia has many opportunities to enjoy nature. With her backpack on, Anne Marie begins the ascent of one of the most mythical mountains in the area. They say that you are not from Bilbao if you haven’t climbed this mountain.

Where the sea and the mountain come together

Late afternoon is one of the best times to enjoy the sea, and if you are walking along the shoreline, even better. With this in mind, Anne Marie shows us an old railway track – once used to transport ore – that has been converted into a greenway. Although it is completely transformed from its original state, you can still see traces of the area’s mining past.

A bird's eye view of Urdaibai

What if you could see all of Urdaibai from up high? The truth is that you can and you should! Anne Marie encourages us to discover one of the most beautiful sights in Urdaibai, the San Pedro de Atxarre viewpoint. From there, watching the sun set with views of Mundaka, Laida and Sukarrieta is impressive. 

A castle that could be out of the movies

The owners of Butrón have given Anne Marie the keys to the castle so that she can discover the secrets it hides for herself. This is a unique opportunity, since the castle is private property and its façade is the only part that can be seen by the public. What will it look like inside?


Alia Chergui and Ali Suna are on a trip to Bilbao Bizkaia to enjoy the most romantic corners of our region. Follow the adventures of this fun couple and find out all about them!

25 years of the Museo Guggenheim (Guggenheim Museum)

Where do you see yourself 25 years from now? This is not a question from a job interview, but what Alia and Ali are asking themselves during their visit to the Guggenheim Museum on its 25th anniversary. This place has been a turning point, for both Bilbao and for all the people who have visited it. 

An enchanted Palace in Barakaldo

Alia and Ali visit the Palacio Munoa (Munoa Palace), a historic building from the 19th century and decorated in keeping with the period. There they put their nerves of steel to the test while discovering the hidden nooks and crannies of this palace. However, not everything is what it seems...

The mysterious island of Lekeitio

There is an island that you can only reach at low tide: the mysterious island of Lekeitio. A promenade that connects the shoreline on the beach with the island is exposed for a few hours when the sea is low enough. Without knowing when the tide will rise again, Alia and Ali head out to see the magical island of Garraitz.

From Elorrio with love

Alia and Ali’s most difficult test of their love takes place in Elorrio. Here there is a fountain and if you drink from it you will stay in love for the rest of your life. Will the couple’s love for each other be strong enough for them to profess eternal love?

A toast to both of us

After a day full of adventures, Alia and Ali say goodbye to our region by enjoying a dinner that is just as good as everything else they have experienced during their stay in Bizkaia. It’s time to dress up and put the icing on the cake by enjoying an unbeatable experience. 

Breakfast under the Anboto

Alia and Ali decide to escape the city where they live, Paris, to enjoy one of the greatest luxuries that our region can offer: having breakfast in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by mountains and under the foothills of Anboto. The tranquillity this offers is captivating, to the point of them not wanting to return to the bustle of the city.