Bilbao Bizkaia is waiting for you

Views from the sea

Is there any better plan than making the most of the summer with your friends than doing some kayaking, canoeing or paddle surfing throughout the Estuary, in Bilbao or while discovering some unknown spots in the  Biosphere Reserve of Urdaibai, around Ondarroa, on the waters of the Lea and Lekeitio, or between Plentzia and Butrón Castle. 

Another good way of getting to know the coast of Bizkaia is by boat, which allows you to rediscover places such as Gaztelugatxe, the coast of Urdaibai, the Flysch of Bizkaia in Barrika or the banks of Bilbao from an unusual perspective. You can also go into the Bay of Biscay from Santurtzi or Bermeo to see the cetaceans that inhabit the stunning waters. 

As for groups with great adventurous spirit, there is nothing better for getting reacquainted than a diving baptism in Getxo or daring to try paragliding in Sopela.

Beaches that suit all tastes

What about spending the day again on any impressive beach located within the 150 km of the coast of Bizkaia? The beaches of La Arena in Muskiz, Erega and Arrigunaga in Getxo, Gorliz, Plentzia, Ea or Isuntza, in Lekeitio, are quieter. Those with a more lively atmosphere, and ideal for activities such as surfing or kayaking are the ones of Bakio, Laidatxu, Gorrondatxe, Arrietarra or Barinatxe. It is also a great occasion to discover the hidden beaches of Aritzatxu, in Bermeo, or the wild Ogeia, in Ispaster.

Back to nature

One of the best options to unwind your mind and being in touch with nature are the Nature Parks of Bizkaia. We can walk along the banks and marshes of the Oka River in Urdaibai, do some bird watching at the estuary which is a stopover in their migrations; climb up to the Gorbeia Cross and contemplate all of Bizkaia at our feet; go hiking and mountain climbing in Urkiola and meet goddess Mari; or go underground in Armañón, to marvel at the impressive spectacle of the Pozalagua cave.

We can also meet up again with friends to enjoy and rediscover the nature of our forests, woods  and mountains by walking around some outstanding routes or, perhaps, walking the Way of Saint James from Markina to Kobaron. Plus, who hasn't ever dreamed of being a shepherd for a day and driving a flock of latxa sheep through the Urkiola Natural Park?

Those groups with daring spirit should discover the stunning landscapes that surrounds Bakio and Abadiño, they can do so by bike or horse ride next to Butron Castle. The quieter ones can visit and discover the amazing geological treasures located in Murueta, Armintza or Meatzaldea. 

For those who are not afraid of heights and want to see Bizkaia while enjoying a bird's-eye view, the best options are to let yourself be carried away by the currents by riding a microlight in Orduña or by paragliding in Orozko and Zalla, or to contemplate the impressive waterfall at Salto del Nervión in a balloon.

But, if what you really like is to have a walk surrounded by nature, practice sport and then sitting down to eat with our group, Bizkaia has a wide variety of leisure areas with the best facilities that make it easy to enjoy the surroundings.

Regardless of your plan, Bilbao Bizkaia is waiting for you.


Bilbao Bizkaia is waiting for you