Nature in the city of Bilbao

The Green Belt or the Grand Tour of Bilbao (GR 228), in addition to offering a great variety of itineraries, will allow you to enjoy the best panoramic views. Plus, it can be easily accessed from the different neighbourhoods or districts of Bilbao. It is possible to go and enjoy all the alternative tracks, as well the different green and recreational areas, places fitted out to enjoy children's games, have a barbecue with friends or simply enjoy the views.

The Green Ring of Bilbao offers 10 routes, all of them simple, not too long and with few slopes. In short, very easy routes, suitable for everyone. You can conquer the peaks of Mount Arraiz or Pagasarri and discover the thousand and one curiosities of the municipality thanks to the many explanatory panels. You can also come across with pilgrims on the Way of Saint James, as the Northern Way runs through Iturritxualde, Mount Avril and Kobetamendi.

However, the best known parts, which start from the central district of Deusto, and Bolueta, are stage 1 (Deustu - Monte Avril - Bolueta) and stage 2 (Bolueta - Pagasarri - Deustu). Overall, 38 km of the most enjoyable route, which will take you along the slopes of Mount Artxanda, passing under the funicular tracks, reaching the summit of the Pagasarri and then peacefully skirting the Nervión.

Do not hesitate to come and see the most unspoiled part of Bilbao, the history of the municipality, as well as its peaks and other curiosities. We are waiting for you!

Views from Kobetamendi

  • Despite all the tracks being easy and flat, we always recommend to wear comfy shoes, stay hydrated and follow the signposts.

    More information regarding the Green Belt of Bilbao here.