Basque designers, emerging companies with the latest fashion concepts, specialist shops… You have a lot to explore in Bizkaia’s fashion and design scene. For an exclusive souvenir to bring back from Bilbao, head to the city’s finest shopping areas. You will find the latest trends in clothes, accessories and furniture from local and international brands.

Women’s accessories and clothes made in Euskadi are available in Skunkfunk, a sustainable clothing brand established in 1999 by Bizkaia-born Mikel Feijoo. With stores in more than 15 European countries, Skunkfunk designs clothes for women interested in art and nature. Zergatik makes clothing for women who want fashion to be fun, offering fresh and inventive outfits. Founded in Bilbao, Trakabarraka makes garments and accessories for modern women who love colourful clothing.

Loreak, previously named Loreak Mendian, is a youthful alternative, with a strong European character, that you should try if you want to buy urban outfits. More elegant and sober is minimil, whose designs find inspiration in Balenciaga while following the New Basque style, that is, international fashion seen from a Basque viewpoint.

Also from Bizkaia is Alicia Rueda, one of our best-known designers of bridal wear, whose popularity has crossed Basque borders. She designs wedding gowns and party dresses, and her creations are frequently worn by celebrities at the red carpet. Suarez, established in Bilbao in 1943, designs elegant jewellery for the top award ceremonies.

If you want to buy something more traditional, go to the Casco Viejo (Old Town), where you will find long-standing shops like Sombreros Gorostiaga, which has been selling hats and txapelas (Basque berets) for 161 years now.

For the latest trends by international brands, head to luxury boutiques like Echegoyen or Persuade. And in shopping areas like Ercilla, Moyúa and Casco Viejo you will find small fashion, jewellery and accessories stories, offering something for every taste.

Local and international design

The transformation of Bilbao has drawn a huge number of designer shops. One of the changes brought about by the urban renewal in Bilbao was the opening of furniture and interior design stores. Some, like Gastón y Daniela, had enjoyed renown long before; others are recent additions to the city, mostly in the Ensanche. All of them have added something valuable to Bilbao, and they are all well worth a visit.

A short list of the stores specialising in interior design in Bilbao should include Tokyo Story, one of the most relevant on the list; Urbana 15, which exhibits the latest trends in its huge showroom; Le Patio Bilbao, offering furniture and decorative items with a modern accent; Mosel, with lots of décor ideas for the home from international designers; Ático 60, always with the latest international design concepts; plus international brands like Kartell or Bang & Olufsen.

Not only contemporary design has a place in Bilbao, but there is room for handicrafts as well. In the Casco Viejo you will discover old classics like Cestería Alonso, offering reed and wicker baskets, or La Merced, an interesting mix of antiques, artworks and food.

How To Get There

Most shops are in shopping areas like the Ensanche or the Casco Viejo, which feature pedestrian zones. You can drive in the centre of town, but it is better to get there by public transport.
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    To get to the Ensanche, get off at Abando, Moyúa or Indautxu. And if you prefer to visit the shops at the very heart of Bilbao, get off at Casco Viejo.

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    The tram stops at the Casco Viejo (Arriaga and Ribera) and the Ensanche (Abando). For the design shops in the Ensanche, get off at Guggenheim or Euskalduna).



If you go window shopping across the Ensanche, you can take a break and have some pintxos on Diputación, Henao or Heros Streets, nearby the Guggenheim Museum, or on Maestro García Rivero or Gregorio de la Revilla Streets, in Indautxu.

If you are in the Casco Viejo looking for gifts to bring back home, go grab a bite at Plaza Nueva, or at the bars next to La Ribera Market or along the Siete Calles.

The blend of traditional fare and the newest culinary trends will surely seduce you.

  • Bilbao is a cosmopolitan city where you can buy clothes and accessories by Basque and international designers. Get a piece of furniture, a work of art or a clothing item as a souvenir of your trip, adding a Basque whiff to your wardrobe or home. This way, you will always remember your stay in town. Most shops have websites offering all the information you need on brands, prices and opening hours.

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  • Most interior design and fashion stores are to be found in the Ensanche and the Casco Viejo, which, by the way, are the best areas to eat out in Bilbao. Take a break and have some pintxos (Basque version of tapas) with a glass of txakoli (locally made wine). If you have a sweet tooth, look for one of the many patisseries and get yourself a Carolina or a rice cake, two of the most typical pastries from Bilbao.