The air in Bizkaia s the freshest and purest you will ever breathe. Visit our nature reserves, play your favourite sport in our golf courses or pamper yourself at a hotel with spa facilities. Are you ready for a relaxing and calming experience?

Experienced golf players and beginners alike will find a golf course that suits their needs in Bizkaia. Established in 1911, Real Sociedad de Golf de Neguri is the oldest golf course in Bizkaia. Back then, it was in Leioa and featured eleven holes. In 1961, it moved to Punta Galea, overlooking the sea and close to the Aixerrota Windmill. More recently, in 2017, it opened the only official croquet playing court in Euskadi.

In Ortuella is Meaztegi Golf, a club whose 18-hole golf course was designed by the prominent golfer Severiano Ballesteros. The club is home to a golf academy as well. Other golf courses are Bilbao Golf in Larrabetzu, the luxury facilities of Palacio Urgoiti in Mungia and Laukariz Country Club.

Bizkaia is ideal for those who are interested in rural tourism. Gorbeia, Urkiola and Armañón Nature Parks, and Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve are true havens where you will forget about everything else – it will be just nature and yourself. In the Orduña Valley, in the south of Bizkaia, you will be able to admire the awesome vertical rock walls, over 800m in height.

Play golf first and then get to Termas de Molinar to treat yourself to a relaxing spa day. They offer seawater therapies and mud baths or wraps. Located in the Karrantza Valley, Termas de Molinar has been in use for over a century and was fully renovated in 2003, while keeping the same charming architectural style it had in the nineteenth century.

You can also stay at Hotel Balneario Areatza in Gorbeia Nature Park, or pamper yourself in the hotel’s spa circuit while staying elsewhere. The mineral-rich waters in the spa are considered to have healing properties for skin issues, joint conditions, respiratory problems or muscle pain.

How To Get There



The towns and villages nearby Bizkaia’s nature reserves have hotels and country homes where you can spend the night. Golf enthusiasts will surely want to stay at the hotels in the golf clubs themselves, which also feature restaurants and coffee shops. Palacio Urgoiti boasts luxury bedrooms a pebble’s throw from the golf course.

Termas de Molinar and Hotel Balneario Areatza both feature very comfortable rooms for a good night’s sleep.

  • Rural tourism comprises nature holidays, sports and health tourism… For more information on rural tourism in Bizkaia and Euskadi in general, visit the Nekatur website. Nekatur is the Basque Association of Country Houses and Hotels, which provides information on accommodation, things to see, things to do, and so on.

  • To enjoy nature at its best, make sure you wear good-quality walking shoes and comfortable clothes. Plan your trip in advance: Check the weather forecast, book your room, etc.