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The TV channel MTV has chosen Bilbao as the location to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Europe Music Awards. On 4th November, the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) is to be the venue for an impressive pop concert. As well as presenting awards to the year’s best artists, a huge international star is to perform in San Mamés the night before the ceremony.

This year, the capital of Vizcaya is also set to become the capital of music, since on 4 November, the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) ceremony is to be held at the BEC. The 2018 ceremony is a special one given that we are celebrating twenty-five years of these awards. Likewise, this event can be followed live on the MTV channel or on its digital platforms.

The allure that surrounds the pop world is set to fill the great city of Bilbao with the glamour and style of the red carpet, bringing with it dazzling pop stars from all over the world in a very exciting atmosphere. Furthermore, in order to whet people’s appetites, the night before the ceremony a huge international star will perform live in the city. The concert will be held at the San Mamés stadium.

The artists and groups who will perform at the concert and those who have yet to confirm are clear that the 25th anniversary will be a special event. Barcelona hosted this award ceremony in 2002. Madrid, meanwhile, took the baton in 2010. Last year, it was organised by London where artists such as Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar and David Guetta received awards, among others. Where Spain is concerned, Miguel Bosé came home with an award.

The city’s edginess and innovative momentum has made it possible for Bilbao to host the 2018 MTV EMA Awards. According to David Lynn, president of VIACOM, the media group to which MTV belongs, “Bilbao has the same spirit of innovation as MTV, as such it constitutes the perfect venue for the awards ceremony”.


The ceremony can be watched live through ‘streaming’, both on the MTV web site and on its digital platforms, such as the mobile application. Furthermore, logically, it can also be viewed via the MTV television channel. In fact, if you are a music fan, you also have the opportunity to become a judge, since the public vote will decide who wins the awards. As such, if you are interested in discovering the surprises that the award ceremony will surely provide, keep your eye on the latest news from the channel on any of its platforms.

How to reach us

The Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) is located in Barakaldo, less than 10 kilometres from Bilbao. From Bilbao you can travel easily by underground. Ansio station is close to the entrance of the building, making this a highly recommended mode of public transport. Remember to check times and frequencies on the Metro Bilbao web page. 

Meanwhile, if you wish to travel by bus, the company Bizkaibus has several lines which, departing from Bilbao, stop in Barakaldo. The best line for travelling to the BEC is the A3136 Bilbao - Cruces - Barakaldo.


Where to eat

Close to the BEC there are some restaurants and bars which are easily accessible on foot. They give you the opportunity to sample traditional or contemporary Basque cuisine, whichever you fancy. Since the ceremony is to be held on a Sunday, it is likely that most of the restaurants will offer special menus. In any case, if you prefer to opt for fast food, you will find places serving pizza and hamburgers close by, for example. 

You may also opt to eat in Bilbao, which is very close to Barakaldo, where you will discover a wide and appealing range of dishes to suit all tastes. Whichever option you choose, it is hard to go wrong, since the food is good virtually everywhere in Bizkaia.


Where to sleep

You will find various hotels in the area surrounding Barakaldo. In fact, there is a hotel five minutes’ walk away from the BEC. Likewise, in the centre of Barakaldo, you will also find accommodation where you can rest. You also have the option of staying in Bilbao itself, where you will find a wide range of hotels, hostels, guesthouses and pensions. 

Although November is a quiet period in terms of tourists, the MTV EMA Awards will attract a large number of people, making it possible that many hotel rooms in the area will be booked up. If you are thinking of coming on these dates, we recommend that you organise your trip early and reserve your accommodation in advance. 


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