angle-left basque FEST, the Basque culture festival

During five days, the festival held in Bilbao offers more than 200 activities for all audiences where the best of Basque tradition and avant-garde come together.

Immersed in Easter Week atmosphere, Biscay's capital hosts basque FEST once again, the festival that fills Bilbao with Basque culture. From 17 to 21 April, and distributed in 17 areas, from the city there will be more than 200 free activities. With the mix between culture and avant-garde as central axis, the organization model will be the same as in previous editions and the events will be classified by themes: culture, music, sport, gastronomy and market.

In the last edition more than 100,000 people attended basque FEST. This year, reaching that figure will again be attainable thanks to the fact that its wide range of activities is adapted to all audiences: concerts, food and drink tastings, street markets or children’s activities, among others, make up the program. All of them, designed to make fell, know and/or bring back memories of Basque culture.

The program cores

Culture. A program to learn about the history and tradition of our land could not miss in the Basque culture festival. Therefore, the events offered are assorted: visits to both Basque Museum and Bilbao Fine Arts Museum; boat rides along Nerbioi River estuary with the history of Bilbao dramatised by the crew; giants and big-heads passacaglias, and workshops to learn how to rhyme verses like our bertsolaris.

Music. The musical scenario is made up of artists such as Kepa Junkera, Rúper Ordorika, Nögen or Eñaut Elorrieta, among others. With Basque culture and Euskera as protagonists, the festival will mix our traditional music with Jazz, Rock & Roll and current DJ´s.

Sport. The Herri Kirolak, the Basque rural sports characterised by combining strength, skill and endurance, are a must see. Every day there will be demonstrations of different modalities in the Arenal. Thus, it will be possible to observe, for example, the work of our harri-jasotzailes (stone lifters) or the skills of our pelotaris (athletes who hit a leather ball with their hands) in Jai Alai.

Gourmet. The Basque Country, in addition to having a wide avant-garde culture, is worldwide known for the rich dishes and pintxos of our cuisine. Therefore, it is not surprising that basque FEST has an entire area dedicated to gastronomy. Located in the Arenal, under the name of 'Txoko Gourmet', in its 1.500 square meters you will be able to taste and enjoy delicious products of our land.

Market. At the 'Txoko Gourmet', besides tasting different dishes, you can also buy as many Basque products as you wish: cheese, blood sausage, txakoli, cider... Likewise, another interesting market in the area is the Eskutiarte 8th Spring Craft Fair, where you can find craft specialities.


basque FEST activities will take place in 17 locations in Bilbao. In this way, different cultural areas of the city can be visited, such as emblematic monuments like Guggenheim Bilbao Museum or Kafe Antzokia. Between all locations, it is worth mentioning the Azkuna Zentroa centre (formerly Alhóndiga), where there will be activities for children during the day and concerts at night.

The complete list of basque FEST locations:

  1. Azkuna Zentroa
  2. Kafe Antzoki
  3. Museo Reproducciones
  4. Arenal (‘Txoko Gourmet’ y Sport)
  5. Ría (Puente San Antón)
  6. Ría (Pío Baroja)
  7. Museo Guggenheim Bilbao
  8. García Rivero
  9. Muelle Marzana
  10. Plaza Nueva Square
  11. Ledesma
  12. Bilborock
  13. Mercado de la Ribera
  14. Artxanda
  15. Museo Bellas Artes
  16. Licenciado Poza
  17. Villarías

How to reach us

Public transport. Without a doubt, the best option is to travel by public transport. All locations have nearby Metro Bilbao, Tram, Cable Car, Bilbobus, Bizkaibus or Renfe Cercanías stations. Simply decide which activities you prefer the most and access the transport websites to find out which one suits you best.

Private transport. If you decide to travel to basque FEST by car, bear in mind that most of the activities are in the city center and you may have trouble for parking.


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